Isolation, COVID19, and Psoriatic Arthritis

It's been months now dealing with COVID19 with a compromised immune system. I'm not sure I am so different than most these days. Being isolated from others is the norm now, unfortunately.

Bad reaction to treatment

I was on a biologic, actually started March 1st (impeccable timing) but as usual, I had a reaction and had to stop. It would no doubt have been deeper isolation if I was still taking it. Stopping may well have been a blessing.

Adapting to this new scary virus was not really so life-altering for me. I always took great care of disinfecting my hands and such. It just became nuclear. People that used to tease me about hand sanitizer and being wary of germs were all of a sudden falling in with that same crowd. Of course, getting COVID19 is still a threat and we all must not get complacent. It is still dangerous for many.

Pandemic essentials

It was all we could talk about, staying clear of COVID19, steering clear of people but yet many of us were all on an almost daily journey for toilet paper, disinfecting products, and groceries!!! The world stopped but not at the grocery stores. Not at the liquor stores and not at Walmart - weird.

At home, if your kids are grown and moved out or maybe you are a widow or divorced, life stopped. Isolation moved in. It already was and is my reality. Having psoriatic arthritis has just about put my life in park. I don't work. I don't play. I can't go on a walk. I can't bike. Can't go shopping and browse...I can't participate in much. It's a hard pill to swallow. The pain is life-altering. My husband helps me as much as he can but he still works, he golfs, and has his football stuff. His life didn't stall. He is my partner but there is not much we do together anymore. I am an anchor, I know that. So here comes COVID19. Now The world was in park but ever so slowly is coming back.

Isolation and psoriatic arthritis

That's where the similarities were and are in my life. My husband also had to work. He was laid off for a very short time. For me, the pandemic didn't really change a lot. I worried about my family and longed to see them, but they have their own lives and they were trying to make their way through a shutdown and deal with it in their own way. Putting your life on hold has been a great experiment for our world.

For me, it still spins in isolation. It is lonely. There are some friends that still call here and there but they move on too. It's sad. I thought I had a good support system but I guess I was wrong. I know I sound negative but I am tired of being in pain all day, every day. I try my best to cope. Psoriatic arthritis slowly swallows you, takes over your days that turns into weeks, months, then years.

COVID19 is slowly (Hope to God) moving out.

Psoriatic arthritis in my life is not.

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