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Constantly tired

I have had fibromyalgia for nearly 30 years (Back before they knew what it was). Now my hands hurt, my hips and lower back drive me nuts and my sleep pattern is off. I am worn out most days and have found nothing to help.

I have had a rough, scaly, itchy area on one leg for years that has worsened but my doctor has no answers. I also have trouble with my feet now, and am told I have arthritis in them. I drink turmeric tea which helps with the pain but upsets my stomach.

I don’t think my problems are all related to the fibro, I have been told i have arthritis just not any specific type which does not help much.

I am not diabetic, and supposedly my overall health is good. Any ideas?

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  • VickiN moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi terryjean! I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with these symptoms for so long. Have you discussed GP your concerns about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis with your GP? Ideally they would refer you to a Dermatologist and Rheumatologist, specialists in skin disorders and autoimmune diseases, respectively.

    Psoriasis is usually diagnosed via biopsy, so if you’d like a clear answer for the stubborn patch on your leg that would be a good place to start. About 30% of people with psoriasis will go on to develop psoriatic arthritis, so Nan54 is right on the money with that! Psoriatic arthritis is a little trickier to diagnose, but we have a great article here that outlines the steps:

    If you have any questions, we are always around! You can also connect with us on for articles specific to psoriasis.

    Warm wishes to you, thank you for sharing with us!
    -Victoria ( team)

  • Nan54
    2 years ago

    I’ve also had Fibro for close to 30 years, yes before they called it that!! I fractured a vertebrae & then it came on. I have psoriasis & have for many years, found out close to two years ago I have psoriatic arthritis. It showed up in my feet first. I have back pain, joint pain & the tendonitis is terrible. I have been on Humira for 20 months now. My fatique is terrible. Has anyone mentioned psoriatic arthritis to you? Sorry for your pain, I sure feel it.

  • terryjean author
    2 years ago

    No one has mentioned psoriasis but I have felt it could be connected. I have terrible back pain, have had my arthritis removed from my neck and a plate and four screws
    are in there now. My feet are stiff a lot of the time and along with all this I often have “gut’ pain. I am drinking various tea’s which help but I feel very cold a lot of the time
    and have nerve pain in my arms. The fatigue is the worse, I feel so limited in my ability to do anything. I sometimes have itchy scaly breakout on my left leg that comes and goes, can be very red, or disappear for a short time. My sincere sympathy to anyone else living with this difficult condition.

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