I have had psoriasis and bad joints since I was 10. I was misdiagnosed all my life until I went private about 6 years ago. I am now 60. Even the private doctor asked me why I was there, as I was under a professor at the NHS hospital, who even refused to diagnose me. I said I am here with my money (shame) to get a diagnosis. He then came out with a massive binder of my medical records and said it was obvious psoriatic arthritis and that every joint in my body was affected, especially my spine, which was fused in 3 different places??

I was then told they wouldn't treat me with the new injections and I went absolutely crazy and told them where to go. My doctor then informed me they would. Since then, my neck is really bad and was told I would need an emergency opportunity on it. That was over a year ago. Seems there are no neurosurgeons around. But as I said to the arrogant professor, you can't mend what is already broken can you?. I think I've been treated disgustingly by the NHS in this country and now it's too late for me. Lynne

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