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Long road

My story really started when I had to have a hysterectomy in my early 40's and almost immediately started having severe joint pain everywhere. But I kept being told one had nothing to do with the other. Then I broke out with a scaly rash all over my hands in 2020 right before getting remarried and got referred to a dermatologist when it didn’t clear up with normal steroid treatments. She finally figured it out and got me referred to a rheumatologist who said I have psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and fibromyalgia.

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Treatment plan for PsA

We have since been in a roller coaster of treatments of methotrexate, gabapentin, then pregabalin, adding Humira, then trying Skyrizi and now getting ready to try Stelara. Also tried chiropractic care, massages, adding holistic items like glucosamine and turmeric and warm water therapy.

Challenges of living with psoriatic arthritis

The biggest struggles for me is my loss of mobility, being in pain all the time, trying to get a good night's sleep, and fatigue. Also learned I have sleep apnea and tried cpap for several months, but my severe claustrophobia and constant sinus issues with it end up losing that battle.

Costs of psoriatic arthritis

Dealing with insurance is also a battle. The meds are all so expensive and insurance makes you jump through hoops. I received some assistance from the manufacturer, but doesn’t nearly cover the expense when they are $25,000 a shot and your insurance co pay is $3,200! Was laid off from work and have enough stress job hunting, than to have to think about how to pay for meds.

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