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Hi! I am 58, have a 16-year-old who is very high functioning, and a 23-year-old daughter who graduated and the pandemic caused her to move back home. And of course my husband. He is retired from the state prison system. I make him work a little so I don’t kill him.

In late April, my back broke. It has started to disintegrate, starting at the tailbone, and that’s what broke. The doctor built a cage around the tailbone and the first disk. Learning to let others help a bit to also deal with PsA and rheumatoid arthritis.

I was diagnosed with RA 8 years ago but my doctor and I think I have had it over 25 years or more. I have small plaques on my chest and legs.

This has been super hard on me. I would cry but it’s not going to make any of it go away.



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