Awful Disease

I am turning 64 this year. I've been dealing with this insidious disease since I can remember. I started typing up everything that I'm dealing with and finally deleted most of it. I started with joint pain that I was sure was rheumatoid arthritis, but tested negative.

Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

Finally, in 2019, I had almost every symptom of psoriatic arthritis. I went to a new rheumatologist and I tested positive for HLA-B27. I have radiographic changes to my joints both in my spine and peripherally.

Treatment decisions with comorbidities

I take gabapentin and Tylenol. No biologics (breast cancer) and no NSAIDS (fell last year and had subdural hematomas). My partial knee replacement has been such a success that I joke with my pain doctor that I need a spine replacement.

Impact on family and hobbies

One day my little granddaughter will understand why the only cookies baked in Grandma's kitchen are square bar cookies. She won't eat square cookies, they have to be round. My grandsons could care less, they eat anything and everything.

I enjoy spending time with my three small grandchildren. I work in my yard and love to shop. My pain limits me, but I keep going the best way I can.

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