I am 32, but feel like I’m going on 80!

I am 32, but feel like I’m going on 80! I just thought thats what the 30’s felt like.

I have been diagnosed with PsA 3 months ago, exactly a year after my second boy was born. The symptoms hit rapidly and severely, but living in denial, thinking i was just ‘getting old’, I refused to accept my fatigue and pain.

I am now battling a life of 2 boys under 3, a successful at home business and crippling PsA and Psoriasis. I am lucky, my psoriasis is mostly on my torso and in areas i can cover, but it is so bad that some days i can not dress or bend without bleeding. I stick to my bed sheets at night! But this is the lesser of my two evils.

My PsA has been classed as severe. I have it effecting over 42 joints in my body, with my hands, wrists and neck the most impact on my day to day life. The fatigue from the pain is what i struggle with the most. Sleeping in and day naps are NEVER enough, but then night times are so hard to sleep and settle because i just cant get comfortable.

To top it all off, i have been prescribed with Methotrexate to managed my symptoms, which have spiraled me into a world of horrific side effects. Mouth and throat ulcers, nausea and vomiting, depression, and the list goes on. (No really… on and on and on…).

So thats me in a nutshell… I am hoping to jump to Biologics very soon and find some relief. I am also making an effort to reach out, ask for help and find a community… so here i am. 🙂

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