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Sometimes I just feel so down. Can anyone help?

Sometimes I just do not know how to handle the constant pain and people’s reactions and feel so down. Can anyone help?

Community Answers
  • Jdubb187
    2 years ago

    I have 3 things that help me deal with all of this: heavy metal, humor & family. I know it sounds ridiculous, but i love to rock out. There is some sort of freedom in heavy metal that you just can get anywhere else. (If your not into it, try classical, some research studies show it affects the brain the same way as metal.)
    Humor: somewhere in my house there is a radio on the comedy channel 24 hours a day. I can listen & laugh when i want (and they say laughter is the best medicine!)
    Family: i spend as much time with my family as i can. Whether its watching tv together, helping with homework or just talking, i am most happy when i am with them. Dont get me wrong, i have days when i feel terrible and i dont want bothered by anything, i usually just try to stay in bed and sleep through it. Its a rough road, but we are in it together.

    Best of luck, STAY STRONG & ROCK ON!

  • Lori-Ann Holbrook
    2 years ago

    Talk first to your rheumatologist about issues like these. If you two decide it is necessary, he may be able to refer you to a counselor. Second, broaden your support system. Look for support groups online or on social media. Things always seem better when we feel less alone.

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