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Can x-rays determine joint damage?

My rheumatologist did baseline X-rays 6 years ago. I’ve been on Enbrel most of that time. However, I see my hands changing & my pain has increased. Has anyone else’s rheumy followed up with a second set of xrays to compare the efficacy of the biologics? And if so, when?

Community Answers
  • jenyj89
    2 months ago

    I’ve been diagnosed with PSA about 3-4 years based on blood tests. My Rheumatologist has never ordered x-rays or scans to even set a baseline. I had to go to a FasterCare office for steroid shots because I couldn’t lift my arm. They took x-rays and said I have arthritis in my shoulders and extensive arthritis in my neck. I told my Rheumatologist what they said and still no x-rays!
    Am I worried for nothing? Is this normal?

  • salmac
    2 years ago

    I had a similar conversation with my rheumatologist yesterday. After three years of treatments, I want xrays to determine my progress. He feels that if I feel better the drug is working. I believe joint damage is happening everyday. I want my hands to work ten years from now! Clear evidence vs subjective opinion. I choose xrays.

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