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How soon before you notice relief of your symptoms on Cosentyx?

Hi, just started Cosentyx, first 2 started doses. I have already noticed clearer skin, though my skin wasn’t really bad, my question is how long before you notice relief from PSA symptoms?

Community Answers
  • sved
    6 months ago

    My arthritis did not cause me pain. Instead, for me, I was put on Cosentyx to prevent the PsA from affecting my kidneys (indirectly I think). I had a protein concentration in my kidneys of over 3000 when the norm is <=30. The nephrologist (and several colleagues) considered a link between the PsA and the CKD. That's why I was put on the Cosentyx, really to fight the CKD, not arthritis.

    However, to address your question, I started with a 1 dose/wk regimen for 5 weeks, and then have been on it once a month. We saw a change in the skin abrasions shortly after the end of the initial 5wk dosages.

  • Grace
    8 months ago

    Hi Clairmarie
    I’ve been on Cosentyx since Sept of last year and I still have a lot of pain.

    I asked my Rheumy how long for this to work and she told me it could take several months because I’ve been misdiagnosed and for so long.

  • bumster Hi I'm new 12/2018
    10 months ago

    Hi there I just took my 2 single monthly dose after the once a week for a month and I think you will be happy with results aleast I am so stick with it and I hope you get the results you need happy new year

  • Clairmarie
    10 months ago

    Thank you! Definitely not giving up. Just took my 3rd starter dose today. Happy new year to you too!

  • bumster Hi I'm new 12/2018
    9 months ago

    Hello clairmarie just wanted to check in with you too see if you are doing better with cosentyx if you have seen better results I should say, I just took my 4 th month dose and able to do a little more than normal. have a good week take care

  • melissagallo
    10 months ago

    Clairmarie, I have just started Cosentyx…Rheumatologist told me it could be first part of March before I notice anything. However, within days of my first dose, I got a bad cold and my WBC is low….go figure.

  • Clairmarie
    10 months ago

    I’m sorry @melissagallo. Yes it figures. I’m just afraid this won’t work for me. I have no reason to think this. I was on otezla for not quite 2 years, but never reached clear skin. I still was on ointments. My arthritis got worse, hence the change. I’m hoping this will be my answer. I hope you feel better and can get back on track!

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