Why I Resisted Natural Treatments

Last updated: June 2018

I currently treat almost all of my conditions, which includes psoriatic arthritis, as naturally and pharmaceutical drug-free as possible.The only pill I pop is for my allergies and hope that someday I will be able to find a natural substitute for that as well. It’s not that I am anti-medicine, because I do believe there are medications that actually help other people.They just don’t help me.

My assumptions about natural treatment

Funny thing is that I resisted trying treatments that were considered natural, holistic, etc . . . for many years. One reason I resisted these types of treatments, herbs, or methods was because my doctors wouldn’t acknowledge them. I assumed that if something natural could have helped, my doctors would have suggested it.However the main reason I opted to treat my conditions pharmaceutically for so many years was because my health insurance didn’t cover any natural treatments or medications.I feared not being able to afford what I needed.

I also feared being in control.

All on my own

Prior to switching from pharmaceutical to natural treatments, my doctors and insurance companies dictated which medications I could have, how much I could take, etc. And I did what they said. I knew that by trying medications or treatments outside of what my doctors were willing to do and my insurance companies were willing to cover, I would be left to figure it out on my own. This was not an unwarranted fear, as I was on my own when I decided to make the switch. However, with the internet and the wonderful people I met who also treated their conditions naturally, I felt less alone and finally embraced being in charge of my own body.

Five years later

It has been five years since I made the change and my fear of being in control has been replaced with a fear of that control being taken away. I have had to make some sacrifices because of my choice in treatment. I gave up searching for a rheumatologist who would be willing to monitor me after a couple of years. They all said that unless I needed a prescription, they had no reason to see me. Apparently they only care about following the progress of patients who treat their conditions pharmaceutically. Thankfully, I don’t need tests to tell me how I am doing. I am personally more concerned with the quality of my daily life, which has been done nothing but improve since making the switch.

Going natural was the best decision I have ever made, but I also recognize that it is not for everyone. How do you treat your condition? Pharmaceutically? Naturally? Or a combination? Are you hesitant to try a more natural course or treatment? If so, why?

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