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What No One Told Me About Psoriatic Arthritis

What no one told me about psoriatic arthritis is that it can happen with or without psoriasis plaques. Did you know that you can have PsA in more than one joint and that they are not in pairs across your body? Psoriatic arthritis can ruin your toenails and fingernails? Did you know that psoriatic arthritis can cause you to have swelling and inflammation in your body and not just in your joints? Did you know that psoriatic arthritis does not discriminate by race, color, or weight?

What don't people know about life with PsA?

If you did not know these things, you are not the only one! If we had a book about psoriatic arthritis I don't think some of these things would be in there. Having psoriatic arthritis is one of those things that you have to experience to know all of the ins and outs of it.

How do others react to psoriatic arthritis?

PsA sometimes wears you out physically and mentally. No one tells you about the disappointment your friends and family have when your arthritis is too bad to attend events. Psoriatic arthritis affects whether your relationships will fail or grow. When your children don't understand why people are pointing at you because you are using a cane and are young.

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Another thing about psoriatic arthritis is the fact that you will never be alone in your fight. Though it may feel like you are one person in a world of completely healthy jointed people. You really are not. First of all you found this article and website! Which is great news!

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What can you learn?

Learning about the disease is key to understanding it. Giving yourself the knowledge of what you are facing is a great move.

  • You can find out about others who have the same disease.
  • You can find new ideas of how to care for yourself and your disease.
  • Sometimes when you lose people in your life, they are replaced by others who are more supportive.
  • Yes, psoriatic arthritis can be devastating to your body, but the good news is there are medical treatments.

What about making treatment decisions?

Swelling and joint changes are a big part of this disease. That does not mean that there is no hope. With new biologics, physical therapy, and mental therapy you can really learn how to help yourself. With guidance it doesn't have to be an open and shut case. You are embarking on a journey. No matter what anyone tells you, your body is just that...yours! Making decisions about your disease are always up to you.

How can you find balance within your limitations?

Take time to learn that you have to set boundaries and goals for yourself. When you learn to let go of some things and know what your limits are you will be able to find a happier space with yourself. PsA can be about doing too much. Here is a fantastic article about control issues

Try looking at your journey as a story that is waiting to be written. You do learn as you go but that seems to be the way life is.  PsA can be a lot to handle but always remember you are the one with the control. When you need a break it is completely acceptable to take one. Remember you have come this far and you have a future with a story to be told.  What's your story?

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