Are You Asleep Yet?

I’m sure we all have had our feet fall asleep. In medical terminology what does this mean? We have all been sitting in a weird position and then the next thing you know, your foot has become numb where you can’t walk and you get that numb, tingling, pins and needles feeling. It’s like when we hit our funny bone and it drives us through the roof.

Feet falling asleep

I know I have experienced my feet falling asleep as long as I can remember. I’ve also noticed that it’s happening more often in the past few years. I spoke to my doctor about this a few years ago and he said it could be a circulation problem, but nothing to worry about right now. He said the blood has to flow through the body in an even way, but when the blood flow slows down this is when we get the feet falling asleep syndrome.

I recall one day my foot had gone all the way to sleep. I was actually in pain and it took a few minutes before I could stand up and walk. I couldn’t believe the amount of pain I was having. I saw my doctor about this. I was told that the tingling, pins and needles feeling, is not as serious as the numbness. The numbness is telling me that something serious is going on.

Drink water to help with circulation

I was told to stay hydrated. The estimated volume of blood in the human body is around 7% of a person’s body weight. Our body is 70% blood. We must continue to drink an adequate amount of water so that our systems are well hydrated. I know for me that I should drink more water. I notice with psoriatic arthritis when I increase my water intake my body feels much better.

So many of us consume too much caffeine and sugary drinks. I am at the top of the list on this one. These beverages dehydrate the body. We need water to hydrate our muscles, joints, and cells. I am happy to say; I do drink a lot more water now.

Foot care with psoriatic arthritis

Massaging your feet is a good way to great to get the circulation going. We want to really take excellent care of our feet. I mean we have to use them so much in our life. Treating your feet well is a must. When it comes to my feet and psoriatic arthritis; I try to wear good shoes and socks. Of course, moisture, moisture, moisture.

In the past couple of years, I have noticed that when the temperatures get hot outside I have some swelling in my foot. My doctor told me to drink more water. He told me this helps remove sodium and toxins out of the body which helps with any swelling due to my psoriatic arthritis.

It’s not a good feeling when you can’t put on your shoes from swollen feet. The only thing that I can do is to prop them up and just rest. I know my feet appreciate that as well as I do. Rested feet feel great when your other body parts are in pain.

Symptoms of diabetes with PsA

When it was all said and done. It wasn’t my psoriatic arthritis that was causing me pain, tingling and numbness. I was diagnosed with diabetes. If you are having any prolonged tingling and numbness, just beware it could be something more serious. Go see your doctor and let them find out the problem; they will be able to give you the best course of treatment. I’m glad I did.

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