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Three Drug Free Ways I Reduce Pain

Three Drug Free Ways I Reduce Pain

While I can’t avoid or prevent every flare, there are a few things I can do to limit how many flares I experience and/or lower their severity. Although doing it meant that I had to get out of my comfort zone.

Speak up!

Raise your hand if you have let your pride stop you from asking for assistance. *Waving both hands*. I was not only guilty of this for most of my chronic life, I still struggle with it. However, I am improving. What I had to accept is that asking for assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness. It takes a lot of courage to admit a need for help. Letting go of my pride and speaking up when needed has prevented much unnecessary pain.

Tune in!

Instead of demanding that my body do what I want when I want it to, I began listening to it. If my body wants a nap, it gets it. When my body wants to walk, I do – and when it doesn’t, I use a wheelchair. Listening means paying attention to how my body is feeling at all times and taking action at the first sign of distress. This has gifted me with more time to do things instead of spending weeks in bed like I would if I pushed too far.

Fill ‘er up!

Choosing what to eat based on what my body needs versus what I am craving was difficult at first, mainly because I didn’t want to admit that my favorite foods were increasing my pain. It became easier after experiencing how much better I felt when my diet didn’t include them. It no longer feels like a punishment to pass them by, instead I feel giddy that I am winning the battle over what my body needs and what my taste buds desire. In the past year my mantra has become “It’s not a treat if it causes pain”.

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