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TENS Unit for Psoriatic Arthritis

There are so many suggestions when it comes to dealing with joint pain. Soak in warm water, use an electric blanket or a heating pad just to name a few. One of the best suggestions I ever agreed to is getting a TENS Unit.

What is a TENS unit? How does it help PsA pain?

For those of you who do not know what a TENS Unit is, let me explain. It is a medical device that comes with sticky pads. You take those pads off the peel sheet and apply them to any area that is hurting such as your back, legs, or arms. The pads are conduits hooked by wires to the machine that send shock waves through the area where you apply them. You just push the button until you get to the level where the shock feels good.

How can electric shock treatment feel good? What is the benefit of using a TENS Unit when you have psoriatic arthritis? I use one a lot so maybe I can tell you based on my experiences to put your worries at ease.

Here's my experience

My doctor is very attentive to any situation I have going on. I told him that I was having a lot of pain in my lower back from psoriatic arthritis. After he walked out a nurse come in with a professional TENS unit. It was my first experience with it so I was a little bit worried.

She put the pads on my lower back on both sides. They definitely felt a little cool to the touch. She turned the machine on. I didn't feel anything at the beginning. She started turning this knob with instructions for me to tell her when I started feeling anything.

When I did start feeling it she asked if it was good or if I wanted her to go up a bit more. I told her I wasn't sure so she turned the knob one more time. Then I had the choice of staying there or going back down. I told her I was fine where it was. She told me it would be about fifteen minutes and she would be back.

It's impact on differen parts of the body

After fifteen minutes the nurse returned to unhook the TENS Unit. She turned the machine off. Pulled off the pads that were on my back. She then asked how my back was feeling. To my surprise, it felt really good.

The shock therapy had helped to relax the muscles in my back. It was the best my back had felt in quite some time. I wish I had another way to describe it to give you a better mental image.

The doctor then returns to see what I thought of the TENS Unit. When I explained it helped a lot he had his office contact my insurance company. Imagine my surprise when they approved me getting a TENS Unit. Imagine my second surprise when one was sent home with me that very day from his office.

A new best friend

The TENS unit is my best friend on days when my psoriatic arthritis is really bothering me. I am happy I have it. I not only use it on my back but on my legs also. Along with psoriatic arthritis, I also have restless leg syndrome.

It truly has helped to deal with the pain. Had I known how beneficial it would have been, I would have bought one long before the insurance company approved one.

If you are unaware, TENS Units are available at any health department like your local Wal-Mart for example. You can even order it online. They are relatively inexpensive. It is one of my go-to things when the arthritis is causing me grief. I put it right up there with my heated blanket. I am so glad I tried it that day in the doctor's office.

How my TENS Unit works for me!

My TENS Unit is not as powerful as the professional one that my doctor has. However, it is powerful enough to do the trick on my joints and muscles. It is one device that I will never be without again. Any questions you have please feel free to comment below so I can try to answer them for you.

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