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My Inconspicuous Mobility Aid

If you knew how often I have fallen in the past twenty years, you might think I was klutzy or didn’t understand how gravity worked. While I am a bit of a klutz, most of my falls have occurred because of a lack of balance. Using a walker has greatly reduced how often I fall.

Even though I have gotten over the stigma of using a mobility aid, there are times when I begin feeling overconfident or when I just don’t want to use my walker. But as I learned last summer after taking a tumble, I shouldn’t walk far or long without one.

With that said, I found a way to keep my balance while walking without always having to use my walker.

For the dogs

When I first considered purchasing a stroller for my dog, it was because she was struggling to keep up with us on our family walks. Apparently, expecting a chihuahua to walk over a mile is too much. What I didn’t expect when I finally did order one was how it would improve my walking experience.

My dog's stroller versus my walker

My dog’s stroller does more than give her a safe place to rest while I walk. It helps me with my balance! It is easier to push and it has more space to place shopping bags. Unlike my walker, the cup holders are easy to reach and the push bar is higher which makes it easier to push.

The only thing it doesn’t provide me with is a place to sit when my back or knee needs a break. However, there is room in the cargo area to place a foldable camping chair.

Walking tall

It is strange how pushing a stroller makes me feel stronger compared to when I push my walker. It truly is a mental issue, because my physical ability is no different no matter which I use.

I love that when I am pushing Miss Zeva the Diva on my walks, nobody suspects that I am using a mobility aid!! Instead of receiving looks of pity, I get comments like “Awe, how cute!” or “Someone is spoiled!” If they only knew that I, not my dog, was really the spoiled one!

My dog is also happy with her stroller. She likes that she gets to join the family for all walks, not just the short ones and she loves that she gets to bring along her favorite blanket and toys.

Preventing falls

Zeva’s stroller makes it easier to take her places where I couldn’t use a walker while handling her on a leash. The stroller folds up smaller than my walker and is lighter to lift in and out of the trunk.

In the past two weeks, I have counted three instances when pushing her stroller has prevented a fall. Each time I felt my body lean to one side, but with my hands holding onto the push bar, I was able to find my center and remain on my feet.

My only regret is that I waited so long to purchase it!

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