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What Do I Do With Stiff Fingers?

Yes, I have psoriatic arthritis. But I also have commitments - I'm sure you understand. I'm a relatively busy woman. I like to stay busy - especially with my advocacy. I spend a lot of time on the computer, which means tons of typing, lots of screen time, and irregular meals. Things often get out of hand, quite literally.

Taking matters into my own painful hands

My hands hurt! My right-hand swells and becomes stiff to the point where it's difficult for me to type or grab a spoon. So, what's a busy person like me to do?

There are so many lifestyle changes when one lives with a chronic pain condition. My medical treatment was sort of helping, but I decided to supplement with a few at-home treatments and exercises.

Putting my hands on ice

I started putting ice packs on my hands before starting my workday. I repeated the process at the end of the day. I did half an hour in the morning to prepare for a whole day of working and typing. I did another half hour in the evening to relax and relieve my hands from a hectic day.

Simple hand exercises can help!

Simple hand stretches and exercises throughout the day are also helpful. I do these to prevent stiffness throughout the day. I take a 10-minute break and stretch my fingers without tools. Pulling fingers individually, stretching them one by one, and giving my wrists and swollen fingers a stretch break.

Invest in some arthritis-friendly products

I also made my life a bit easier by buying some PsA-friendly kitchen gadgets like a non-slip bottle opener, which are great. I got myself silicone gloves for kitchen use to avoid getting water on my hands.

Taking care of your dry, cracked hands

I recommend switching up your shower routine. I switched to a warm water shower since the hot showers I was taking were drying my hands out and increasing stiffness. After shower time, of course, comes moisturizing. Keep moisturizers everywhere! It kept my hands soft and less vulnerable to getting stiff or itchy.

Habits can go hand in hand

All these simple changes in my routine brought a positive change in my hand stiffness. All of these habits were quite easy to manage and very easy to incorporate into my daily life. One thing which is very important is consistency. Whatever I did, although they were minor, I made sure that I did them consistently.

So, my fellow warriors, even in life, whatever you do, ensure that you are putting your heart into it, and you will see the outcomes yourself.

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