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Developing Spidey Senses with PsA

I may not be able to climb walls or shoot webs from my hands, but Spiderman and I do have some things in common. Peter Parker’s senses were heightened after being bit by a spider just as mine were after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. While I don’t necessarily feel like a super hero, my Spidey senses help me combat unnecessary flares and more. Here are a few super powers that my chronic conditions have bestowed upon me:

1. The ability to predict weather.

I am able to predict rain better than any local meteorologist. The pressure that pushes in a storm increases pain in my feet, spine, and hands. Years ago I was visiting family in New Mexico. They were either near one year without rain or had just reached that point, when on a bright sunny and hot day I awoke with the worst ever bone, nerve, and muscle pain. I predicted that an intense storm was on its way, even though no one was forecasting rain. Sure enough, a wicked storm let loose the next day.

2. The ability to endure high levels of physical pain.

Prior to becoming chronically ill, the pain levels that I currently consider as average would have sent me running to the emergency room.

3. The ability to differentiate between those who care and those who think they know how to heal my incurable disease.

Before they even open their mouth, I can tell from the look in someone’s eyes if they wish to engage in a real conversation or if they are on a mission to tell me every crazy remedy they can think of for a condition they know nothing about.

4. A heightened sense of compassion for others.

There is truth in not understanding something until you have experienced it yourself. I have had some friends and family who thought they understood what I experienced on a daily basis, but admitted they had no clue until they too were living with a chronic condition.

5. The ability to predict the types of pain that will result from different activities.

For example, I know that the repetitive movement my arm will endure from pulling the target pulley on Toy Story Mania at Disneyland will increase the pain in my shoulder and most likely cause it to freeze up. Being aware of this doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t do it; some activities are worth the downtime I experience afterwards. In some cases I have learned how to decrease the level of pain or amount of time spent in bed. Other times the memories of the experience outweigh the cost of pain.

What are your super powers?

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