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Psoriatic Arthritis Community Recommendations: The Shoe Edition!

The initial symptoms of psoriatic arthritis in the feet are pain, swelling, warmth, and stiffness so choosing the right shoes is very important for comfort and relief.

Though choosing the right shoe is not easy as we may need to change shoe height, weight or width several times a day. Walking can even become difficult with stiffness and swelling.

Shoes for psoriatic arthritis

Welcome to a special edition of psoriatic arthritis community recommendations! I’ve been spending the last year writing down all the shoes you’ve recommended.

Whether it’s been in articles about plantar fasciitis or saying goodbye to your best pair of peep-toe pumps - this is a list of your faves. The ones that kept coming up in every conversation.

Thanks to all you wonderful community members who take the time out of your day to share with your fellow PsA peeps.

OOFOS recovery footwear shoe

All OOFOS shoes have their patented foam technology, which claims to absorb 37% more impact than other shoes. They also claim to have incredible arch support that helps ankle and foot pain. OOFOS don’t sell any dress shoes, but you can find runners, clogs, sandals, and boots.

Dansko shoes

Dansko shoes are a little dressier than OOFOS, but still no party flats or pumps. That aside, you can find lots with clog heels or wedge heels. Like OOFOS, these shoes are well-loved by nurses and have lots of work-appropriate options.

The shoes called gravity defyers

Gravity defyers market their shoes as “clinically proven, pain defying shoes.” What’s more, the shoes may help plantar fasciitis and claim to be both diabetic and arthritis-friendly. Gravity Defyers have some great sneaker options and nice men’s dress shoes as well

Spenco footwear

Spenco offers sandals, shoes, and slippers for both men and women. I like the sandals and slide-on options for both sexes, and I would definitely consider buying a pair of their slippers! Most slippers have no support whatsoever, but these look comfy and structured.

Mephisto shoes

Lots of community members have recommended shoes with cork soles, and there are many options at Mephisto. The sandal style is similar to Birkenstock and a massive plus that you don’t have to settle for just white, beige, and black with this brand.

Vionics shoes

I had to give a brief shout out to Vionics! We’ve chatted about them in a previous community recommendation article, but so many people have loved on them that they had to make an appearance on this list.

Kenkoh massage sandals

If you’ve never seen a massage sandal before, you’ve got to check them out. The entire sole is covered in plastic bumps that are meant to massage the foot as you walk. Kenkoh sandals claim this natural massage improves circulation and speeds recovery. You can also buy separate insoles to put in your regular shoes.

Sketchers shoes

You’ve all heard of Sketchers! They have tons of options, and they are my personal go-to for running shoes. That being said, you may not find they offer enough arch or heel support. Luckily, most of their insoles pop out and you can put something custom in.


What list would be complete without crocs?! They’re cheap, they’re light, and you can wear them in the water. What’s not to love about crocs? Although you may only associate crocs with the flagship style, they’ve actually expanded into ballet flats, rubber boots, thongs, and even fuzzy slippers.

KURU Footwear

KURU shoes are only sold online, so you won’t find them in your nearest shoe store. Like many other brands, they boast patented technology that helps cradle and support your arch and heel. From what I gather, the insoles are similar to memory foam and are activated by your body heat.


Telic shoes are similar to KURU in that they contain a special material that’s activated by body warmth, and that hug your feet. Telic shoes sells sandals, flip flops, and slides. None of their shoes are dressy, but they do seem comfy. Like crocs, Telic shoes are also lightweight and waterproof.

"Shoe" psoriatic arthritis pain away

That’s the end of our list! I hope it’s a useful reference for you as you navigate the world of footwear while also trying to find something that will help with your psoriatic arthritis.

Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know in the comments!

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