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The Benefits Of A Service Dog For Psoriatic Arthritis

I had the privilege of speaking to a lady who had a service dog because her psoriatic arthritis was so bad, and she needed help daily. She knew that a dog would be a great companion that could assist her.

This lovely woman had been consistently looking for a service dog for months before she decided on getting one. She found one that she loved.

What can a service dog actually provide?

Service dogs can assist you greatly in the home. Some dogs are trained to turn the doorknob and open doors. I didn’t believe this, but she showed me what her dog could do. I was flabbergasted at all the things she showed me that they can do.

I can't imagine having a dog that would be able to assist me in bringing my clothes to me or checking my mailbox. The more she was talking the more interested I became. I watched as she was giving commands and was very impressed.

Her dog brings her bag, he is always with her, watching and helping her. When she takes a shower, he sits on the floor and waits for her and is even at her side when she brushes her teeth.

The best kind of doggo for psoriatic arthritis

Those of us that live with PsA know about the inflammation that can cause pain and swelling so sometimes we need more help. Everybody knows a dog is considered man’s best friend and these service dogs give this saying a whole new meaning.

When psoriatic arthritis acts up; a service dog can help you not focus on the pain. You have the love of your dog right there. He can help do many things when the patient is in pain. She told me her dog could feel when she is in pain or distress.

Sometimes she wobbles when she walks; her dog stands beside her to steady her fall. If she yells for help, he comes running right away.

The challenges of a constant companion

Let’s get serious for a minute. Having a service dog is good for us in so many ways. If we flip that coin, having a service dog can make someone feel like an outcast especially alongside the stigma that comes with disability.

The thing that hurts the most people are qualified for jobs that they apply for, but don’t get them because of their disability. There are so many times that people won’t go into a store in fear that someone will say; no dogs allowed.

People care more about your dog than you; they will hug, kiss, ask what breed it and want to know the dog’s name. The person who needs the help gets none of this attention.

A few lessons learned about service dogs

I have concluded after spending a day with this special dog is that he is truly a woman’s best friend. Here are some interesting facts I learned along the way.

  • Did you know that service dogs are not required by law to wear one of those dog vests? Some people may prefer to put them on their dog to keep others quiet.
  • Service dogs can go into public places. If the location is considered a private place, they do not have to be allowed.
  • Emotional dogs are not considered service dogs.
  • Service dogs can be any type of dog; even a poodle.

An overall improvement in life with a chronic health condition

There is no price you can put on health. Having a trained dog would become part of her family and her life. Her companion did cost her a lot, but she said it was worth every penny and a no brainer.

You can’t put a price tag on someone who looks for you if you're missing for a few minutes or wants to go shopping with you with no complaints. He enjoys a great night out with her and her friends. Even Traveling has become easier.

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