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Why I Prefer Marijuana Edibles and Tinctures

When it comes to medicating with marijuana (MMJ), I prefer edibles and tinctures. One reason I opt for an edible or tincture rather than choosing to smoke or vape marijuana is that it is discreet. While it is legal to medicate and use marijuana recreationally in the state of California, it is not legal to smoke or vape in public areas. Edibles and tinctures allow me to medicate discreetly no matter where I am.

Edibles & tinctures make it easier to microdose

They make it easier to microdose. Unless I am experiencing a severe spike in pain or am flaring, I don’t need much THC to keep me comfortable during the day. The edibles and tinctures I use are labeled with the amount of THC in the product. For example, my favorite edible contains 75mg of THC. If I divide it into fifths, I would have five 15mg dosages. Fifteen milligrams is typically more than I need at one time during the day, so instead I break that dosage down to 5mgs. While tinctures are also labeled, I can only break down my dosage to one drop which isn’t always as low as I need, but great for days when I need a little more. The dosage of THC I receive from just one puff when smoking or vaping is far more than what I want or need for daytime usage. Microdosing is wonderful for low to moderate pain days as I don’t experience the high that I would with a higher dosage.

Extended relief with edibles & tinctures

They increase the duration of relief I experience. When smoking or vaping, I get immediate relief; however, it doesn’t last long. The relief I experience with edibles and tinctures often lasts twice as long as smoking if not longer. This is why I am able to achieve a deep and restorative sleep level each night. The only downside is that the relief is not immediate and why if I am experiencing an elevated pain level before bedtime, I will smoke a little in addition to eating my edible dosage. This combo gives me immediate relief, sends me straight to bed, and makes it possible to sleep all night. Edibles and tinctures alone can take anywhere from one to three hours to take effect.

The “high” that I experience from edibles and tinctures comes on slowly. When smoking or vaping the “high” hits quickly, imagine traveling at 60MPH and slamming on the brakes. With edibles and tinctures, it is like traveling at 60MPH, seeing the traffic ahead of me, knowing I will need to stop, and gradually breaking. This is how I typically prepare for bed. I prefer a gradual dissent to dreamland instead of crashing into my bed moments after medicating.

Now you know why I prefer edibles and tinctures over smoking or vaping. Remember that I am only sharing my experience and not medical advice.

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