Office Hacks For Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

If not working from home, some of us still work in an office. We find ourselves confined to our desks for a large portion of each weekday.

Putting your body to work!

For those living with psoriatic disease, prolonged sitting often worsens our joint pain. This leaves us feeling even more fatigued.

Are you looking for a way to minimize the embarrassment you feel from your flakes falling onto your seat? Perhaps some form of support for your joints? There are many methods to give our bodies a break while we’re at work.

Light-color seat covers

Our office chairs are usually upholstered with black or dark color cushions or leather. This makes the appearance of flakes from our scalps very apparent. A white or beige throw over your seat should help you leave your desk with greater peace of mind.

Just knowing that you won’t have to do any sweeping or dusting brings peace. Make sure your throw is large enough to extend from your headrest to your seat. Flakes sometimes get stuck on the back of the chair.

Lumbar support pillow and footrests

Even with a backrest, some of us are still inclined towards slouching. While this could be attributed to bad posture, we can correct it with a lumbar support pillow. You’ll notice yourself feeling more productive at work with a reduced need to take stretch breaks which often interrupt your focus.

An ergonomic chair is only as useful as your feet being able to rest firmly on the ground. Footrests underneath desks aren’t just a solution for shorter people. It is an excellent aid in improving blood circulation throughout your legs.

Choose the right clothing

I’ve come to realize over the years that tight clothing tends to rub against my skin. This makes it very unpleasant for my plaques as they become irritated and start to itch.

Wear wide pants or loose skirts and dresses. Contrary to popular belief, these items can flatter your figure. Try to choose longer pieces so that they can also protect your skin from being accidentally scratched or exposed to dust. This is a huge trigger for my skin to start itching.

The phrase out of sight, out of mind would also be very apt here. It’s true that when I’m not able to look at my plaques, I’m less tempted to scratch or peel them.


You already know this, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is important right after taking a shower in the morning. Your skin is exposed to the office’s air conditioner throughout the day, it will not feel so dry and itchy. Choose non-comedogenic products that last longer as well so that you won’t have to busy yourself with applying another layer later.

Always remember that there is nothing about our bodies which we should feel ashamed about. There is a community here that’s walking with you.

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