Man sleeping vs. man packing for a move

Moving with Psoriatic Arthritis

So, I moved in August. I am at the point in my diagnosis, where I know I need to work a day, rest a day. I do this every weekend.

Saturday, I pretty much relax and recover from the week. Then on Sunday, I get the laundry done and cook my meals for the week. I have been doing this for a while now and it seems to work fairly well.

The movement & rest routine

So in prep for moving, I took 2 weeks off. Saturday, I did nothing. Sunday, I packed and packed. Monday, I puttered around a little and so on. We started the move on Thursday, I was able to move 3 or 4 loads in my car. Friday came and I had the energy to unpack a little, just the necessities, and then forced myself to relax.

Then came Saturday when we loaded the moving van and drove to the new place to wait. My kids unpacked the van and moved all in. Then they helped me load up and move a couple more loads. Sunday, I did nothing.

The following week, I did a little more. I think you get the idea now, yes? I don't know if this will help anyone but its how I get around the fatigue. Don't get me wrong I still have 'those days' but doing this on/off thing has really been helping a bit.

Traveling with psoriatic arthritis

I find myself doing this same routine for travel. This past December I had to go to Duluth, MN for a business trip. I was really worried because my joints hate cold. I decided to take the week before the trip off. I did very little around the house and chose to relax.

I arrived on Sunday and it was snowing. Monday morning, it was snowing. What was odd was that my joints didn't hurt but I kept losing my voice. The whole time I was there I was losing my voice.

Was it because it was so dry? Or was it that the PsA is attacking my vocal cords? Or is it both? I was home for about 2 weeks before my voice started coming back to normal.

What routine works for you?

This movement/relax routine is one way that has helped me. If I don't have that day of downtime, I will pay for it by being out of work a day or dragging my feet all week long. The warmer weather has been wonderful that I even slept with the window open last night!

Why is my right hand still sore? Why did I get a twinge of pain in my knee when I got up? Well, I guess it doesn't matter, I'll push my way through anyway as I start my spring cleaning.

Are you still working full time? How do you do it? I would love to know.

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