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Making Peace with Your Psoriatic Arthritis

Life is full of all kinds of chaos. Some of it is the wonderful, life-fulfilling kind. But then there is the other kind: chronic illness chaos.

What does making peace mean?

The nature of life with psoriatic arthritis is unpredictable and chaotic. There are a million and one unknowns and just when you think you have it “under control” everything blows up in your face. Sometimes new symptoms rear their ugly head or your favorite doctor retires and you find yourself back at square one. Finding peace amidst the chaos of psoriatic arthritis can feel like just another monumental task.

Why does it matter?

Finding and making peace with your disease plays a key role in the long term prognosis and management of your psoriatic arthritis. We all know that PsA is a chaotic and unpredictable disease. There are times when things seem to run relatively smoothly only to be followed by unimaginable lows. It is in making peace with this, the nature of PsA itself, that gives you the fortitude to stay strong and steady when the storms inevitably arise.

It is about finding acceptance

Making peace with your psoriatic arthritis diagnosis and prognosis doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent work and starts with acceptance. When you accept that it is okay to say no at the last minute to commitments you will begin to find peace. If you accept that sometimes, there will be periods in your life when you will feel like you just can’t go on another day but it won’t last forever, then you will begin to find peace. When you start to see life as more than an unending cycle of treatments and doctor appointments, then you will begin to find peace.

But, it is more than just acceptance

Finding peace with psoriatic arthritis is about more than just acceptance of the disease itself. It is about making peace with the unknown. It is about finding that in life, you are more than just a diagnosis. You are more than a patient. Your career goals or family plans may have changed because of your diagnosis, but you choose to get up and live with this disease every single day. It really is a remarkable feat.

Making peace with your psoriatic arthritis

Finding peace means reminding yourself, in whatever way is meaningful to you, that you are more than just your psoriatic arthritis. Life is more. Peace is that rock that we cling to when things get rough. Maybe you lose your job because of PsA. Perhaps your family tells you that you are irresponsible or just to “get up, it’s not that bad.” Whatever storm that PsA has brought your way, you can handle it because you have made peace with it.

“You may have had moments where you’ve felt like ‘giving up’ in whatever capacity that was for you, like taking painkillers to avoid pain or showing fear when facing a surgery or test. But you’re still here in this body because you choose to be in it every second of your day. On some level, you’ve already made peace with the chaos.” -Ilana Jacqueline Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness: How to Stay Sane and Live One Step Ahead of Your Symptoms

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