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How A Long Car Ride Affects My PsA

One of the things I used to love was getting into my vehicle and going on a long drive. Pop a CD into the radio and turn it way up, letting whatever tension I felt drifting out the window. I loved to travel. Seeing new places was always exciting.

How has my psoriatic arthritis changed?

In the many years that have gone by, my psoriatic arthritis has shown up in more areas. It started in my back. Now the psoriatic arthritis is in my back, hips, and knees. Surgeries on both knees have not helped that situation either. The psoriatic arthritis has taken that love for a long road trip away. The love has been replaced with a knowledge that the longer the trip the more it is going to hurt.

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What was the longest trip I ever took by car?

One year a long while back I was going to my first psoriasis conference put on by the National Psoriasis Foundation. I think it was back in 2010. It was definitely before the psoriatic arthritis had gotten so bad. It was cheaper to actually drive there then it was to fly. Since I live in Louisiana it was going to take sixteen (16) full hours to drive there. The actual plan was for us, my husband and me, to go half way and get a hotel for the night. The next morning we would get up and drive the remainder of the trip. Through no fault of our own, things happened that made it where we had to drive the whole trip in one day.

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How long can I be in a car now?

My youngest son lives three to almost four hours away from me. Even with stopping twice along the way to take breaks it seems like the trips are getting harder to make each time. If my husband drives then it doesn’t seem to be so bad because I can shift around. If I have to drive it alone it seems like it hurts me far more. Maybe it’s because with driving you can’t really shift around that much. Remember the knee surgeries I mentioned well by the end of that amount of hours they tend to hurt and start swelling. It truly makes me worry how much longer I can make the trip if I have to go by myself.

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Do I still want to go on road trips?

That is an easy answer. Yes I want to keep doing them. There are so many places that I have yet to see. Off the top of my head is a road trip to South Carolina. That is where my husband is from originally. The way he talks about it makes me want to go and see all of his old stomping grounds. At least on that trip I know he will be driving so I could handle it better. Oh did I mention he is a truck driver so hours of driving are nothing new for him.

When will I stop?

I will continue to take road trips as long as I possibly can. It is my hope that I will get on a psoriatic arthritis treatment that will make it possible to enjoy those longer road trips again. I am getting on in age also, so I know my time is limited to travel anyway. However, that time is not now.

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