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How Gardening Can Help Your Psoriatic Arthritis

We know that exercising is great for mental and physical wellbeing. There are times that those with psoriatic arthritis, exercising can sometimes be out of our reach. Yet, mother nature seems to have looked kindly upon us. It has provided a great way to also enjoy the same benefits of keeping active.

Gardening has long been appreciated as a leisurely pastime for older people to engage in during their retirement. In recent years, the activity has become more attractive to the younger ones as well. There are many reasons why incorporating gardening into your daily life can relieve the pain and emotional toll of having psoriatic arthritis.

Cultivate mindfulness with a hobby

Tending to a few plants requires more attention than simply watering it once or twice a day. The appearance of your greenery such as noticing holes in the leaves, specific areas of discoloring, presence of insects or pests will always indicate how healthy your plants are.

Accordingly, your growing ability and sensitivity to your newfound hobby will naturally be applied to your own body and mind. You will be more mindful of your own needs and therefore tending to them.

Planting the seed of serotonin

Soil contains a certain bacterium: mycobacterium vaccae. This bacterium induces our bodies to release serotonin, which is the happy chemical. With lower levels of anxiety, our bodies will also become less stressed, bringing relief to our already aching joints. You might want to reconsider thinking of soil as just dirt.

Gardening and reduced cortisol levels have also been found to be directly relational, according to the Journal of Health Psychology. Sounds familiar? Cortisol is the hormone in your body your corticosteroids have been designed to lower in order to reduce inflammation.

Gentle on your joints

Even though the various activities involving gardening may not constitute as a half marathon or a gym session. Tilling the soil, transplanting young or new plants, and regularly pulling out the weeds can give you a good workout.

Depending on the size of your plot and the variety of greenery that you have to tend to, a single period of gardening can keep your hands and legs busy. We could last for as long as an hour. With aching and painful joints, some of us might find breaking this into two sessions more manageable.

Flourish your potential

I cannot bend a lot at all; just too painful. I had my husband build me some flower boxes that I put on tables. It is not quite the same as gardening, but I get the same results and relieve stress at the same time.

If you are struggling to appreciate yourself because of the way your body looks or because of how often you are in pain, take your sorrow to the great outdoors called mother nature. The simple witness of your garden transforming from seedlings to sprouting their first shoots and even bearing flowers and fruits will no doubt lift your spirits.

Allow your hobby to keep you excited and motivated every day. You can continue to explore your intimacy with nature whether it's rain or shine. A plant can help you reduce stress and feel more energized. There is no downside to spending time with nature giving all the great benefits it can bring.

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