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5 Ways PsA Has Improved My Life

When asked how our chronic conditions have changed our lives, we often focus on the negative aspects. However, I prefer to look at the positives. My attitude towards my condition influences everything I do. When I allowed anger and bitterness to fill my heart, I hated my life and refused to enjoy pretty much anything. I am not crazy, I don’t love being chronically ill, but I have learned to love my life no matter how I am feeling physically.

Here is how psoriatic arthritis (PsA) has improved my life:

    1. Living with constant pain has made realize that life is precious. I have learned to cherish the good times and to embrace those memories when riding out the rough patches.
    2. My condition has taught me to think outside the box. I may not be able to live like I used to, but by making changes and trying different methods I have been able to resume some of my former favorite activities such as going to Disneyland.
    3. Relationships that matter the most have improved after I accepted that needing help or assistance now and again wasn’t a sign of weakness.
    4. The invisibility of my condition has created the opportunity for me to share just how difficult life with PsA can be with friends and family.
    5. Never knowing how I am going to feel has led me to embrace spontaneity. My old life was very structured. PsA has taught me to seize the moment and to make the most of it.

Finding reasons to complain about living with psoriatic arthritis is easy. However, if you look hard enough, I guarantee you will find at least one positive aspect. I challenge you to share one positive way your life has changed since becoming chronically ill.

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