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Three Things Disneyland Has Taught Me About Psoriatic Arthritis

Last updated: December 2019

People think that I am obsessed with Disney and Disneyland. Okay, maybe they are right. Believe it or not, Disneyland does more than entertain me, it has taught me a lot about living with an autoimmune disease like psoriatic arthritis.

Lessons Disneyland has taught me about psoriatic arthritis

Rides can’t run all day without some type of issue so make time for self-care and flexibility. Not every attraction is a high thrill ride which means to find acceptance in moving slower. Train yourself to handle whatever is thrown your way - this one should speak for itself!

I am not the only one who breaks down!

I get frustrated when my body wants to rest while my friends and family are running circles around me. The rides at Disneyland are no different. Every day at one point or another, each ride shuts down. It could be for scheduled maintenance, an unexpected issue, or neglect from a guest.

My body is no different! I have to schedule breaks throughout my day, I experience unexpected problems all the time, and sometimes I get knocked down by someone who wasn’t paying attention. And this happens whether I am at Disneyland or not!

I don’t always have to move at full speed

There are slower rides and attractions in which guests do nothing but sit and watch. The same goes for my life. Not every day of my life has to be spent rushing from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.

Some days are going to be slower than others and there will be times when I do nothing but sit back and watch.

The world won’t end when something goes wrong

One of the many things I love about Disneyland is that the cast members are prepared for things to go wrong. Instead of freaking out and throwing their hands in the air, they have plans in place and follow them. When I began planning and preparing for the worst, I stopped fearing all the what-ifs of my life.

Like a cast member, I decided to train myself to be able to handle whatever is thrown my way. I may not be able to control every aspect of my life or even have the answers to the problems that psoriatic arthritis plans to throw my way, but I can schedule maintenance, pace myself, and prepare for the unexpected.

Thank you, Disneyland!

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