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8 Ways You Know You Have Psoriatic Arthritis

There are several ways that a doctor can tell if you have psoriatic arthritis. Some of these include swollen fingers, joint damage, or suspect skin rashes. It isn’t too often that we see from the patient’s perspective how you know you have psoriatic arthritis.

So today, Leanne shares with you her top 8 Ways You Know You Have Psoriatic Arthritis. It is 8 mostly because brain fog rolled in and she couldn’t remember the other two!

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  • mlc470
    2 months ago

    I watched this video and started crying. Especially the stairs and the coffee, with additional meds I take. I sit in my recliner with 2 pillows under my knees, heating pad, heated throw, ice packs for my feet. Trying to drink my coffee, it’s so heavy.

    I have yet to be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis,I have nail dystrophy, rashes that come and go. Pain in every joint, and Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Sorry to keep repeating things. My 4th rheumatologist she sent me on my way dismissing me with osteoarthritis and obesity. She did though order a bone scan. Literally neck, full spine,shoulders, elbows, wrist, joints in fingers, knees, both ankles, feet,and joints in both toes in feet are symmetrical with arthritis and was read as being inflammatory. This doesn’t even show the muscle and tendons.

    Even though I’m not surprised, I feel validated. I’m not just a hypochondriac. She wants me to come in because she feels my hand and feet joints are inflammatory, what about the rest.

    I’m having a hard time trusting her, I do have an upcoming appointment in February with a different rheumatologist, but I’m so so tired, and full of pain I’m not sure I want to wait. And it’s so hard to keep having to repeat everything to each doctor. I feel like a can’t even think straight, is she really going to help me, or is it going to be a waste of my time. It takes so much energy to get ready, go, and then I’m exhausted from defeat and pain and feeling so hurt cause I’m not being listened to.

    But maybe she can help now…..

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