What I Carry In My Chronic Care Bag

What I Carry In My Chronic Care Bag

I never know how my body is going to behave. One moment I may experience pain in my spine and an hour later my hips, hands, and/or feet may join the party. I may be able to walk out of the house but need my walker or wheelchair a little later or vice versa. This is why I prepare for the worst scenario possible every time I expect to be away from the house for more than an hour.

To prepare for the numerous ways my body rebels I bring along what I like to call my chronic care bag. My chronic care bag contains items that either address a symptom or bring comfort to my body. These are some of the items I carry in my chronic care bag:

Heat wraps: Wraps, like Thermacare, are fabulous for relaxing and reducing pain in my lower back and neck. They also warm me up when I am feeling chilled to the bone.

Cool packs: Cooling packs that are activated by twisting or bending are wonderful when I am overheated.

Medications: Medical marijuana edibles for pain, Tylenol for headaches, allergy medicine, and my favorite pain reducing CBD lotions.

Sweater: My arms and wrists often find comfort from wearing a light sweater, even in the summer.

Adult diapers: Decreases my need to worry about what would happen if I don’t make it to a restroom in time.

Fuzzy socks or slippers: It doesn’t matter where I am at or how hot or cold it is, loose fuzzy socks or slippers always provide comfort when my ankles and feet are aching.

Gluten free snack: I don’t always know what type of food will be available when out. Bringing along something that won’t cause abdominal inflammation helps keep me comfortable.

Water bottles: The last thing I want to do is have to search for water when dry mouth hits.

I add other items based upon how long I will be out, what the weather is like, and what the activity is. For example, I may also bring along a fleece blanket or a neck pillow.

Preparing for the worst has extended many outings that would have been cut short if I hadn’t. How do you prepare for outings?

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