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Could My PsA Journey Be That Much Different?

Last updated: September 2022

I had feelings of hopelessness in my early days of navigating psoriatic arthritis. When I decided to search for a community - I found myself still feeling left out and lost. Even though I shared the same health condition, it was difficult to feel understood.

I was determined to find compassion, understanding, and connection. I found myself getting more involved with the psoriatic arthritis community and now I have a much more positive and engaging experience. I'd like to share my journey with you.

Searching for a community that understands...

Within my psoriatic arthritis journey, there have been many times when I felt lonely. I am sure many of you can relate.

I found myself exhausted from all the listening, welcoming everyone's advice, consideration of other people's feelings, and refraining judgment. I understand that each person is on a different journey. I've always remained compassionate and felt I offered a safe space - even I didn't share the same opinion or perspective.

Entering the community with this approach, I haven't always felt reciprocated in the same way.

The decision to opt for natural treatment wasn't easy

When I was a kid I was subject to a lot of antibiotics. The doctor prescribed them and my mom wanted to help me. Like any mother, she didn't want me to be in pain.

This treatment approach made me very weak. I was just a child. While I should have had unmatched energy and a natural zest for life, I went to the doctors very often. I experienced the effect of drugs on my body from a very early age.

No one told my mom about the side effects of the strong medications that they were prescribing me - apart from the ones that showed up, like limping for days after taking the injections.

The benefits of alternative treatments

With this childhood experience leading up to the time I could take matters into my own hands, I began to learn and look into alternative treatments. What can I do to improve my pain, my weak body, and overall quality of life? I knew I deserved better.

I learned about the impact of nutrition. I discovered homeopathic and natural medicines - ones that my body responded better to. With time, I could feel how my immune system was becoming more resilient.

This led me further down the road of natural treatments and the overall effects on the human body. What I continued to find was very basic and inspiring.

We live in a society a shortcut always seems to be the best way but is it really? With my experience, choosing a natural path seems to be more lucrative in the long term - for our bodies and our mental health. The major benefit for me is that there are no side effects.

I feel lonely in my psoriatic arthritis journey

I find myself feeling more confident sharing my experience and insight - one that is not always well received. With each story I share, I feel more supported. This helps me to continue to share my experience.

I am a yoga teacher and live my life in the way of alternative treatments to manage my pain. This is what works for me and I'm proud to share my experience. I understand that this doesn't work for everyone but it doesn't mean that I should be excluded either.

Recently, I was asked by one of my clients to be interviewed. She wanted me to share about mindful movement and exercise in managing life with a chronic condition. It didn't seem to go that way. Not knowing my full past, the conversation turned about my treatment experience and my alternative approach. Following this, she deleted the interview and told me that it happened by accident, and consequently, she stopped our monthly program.

Perhaps I shouldn’t feel bad. I should accept it and let it go, but it hurts not being understood. This journey of dealing with a chronic condition is not easy for any of us - that’s why we need to be more compassionate and loving, don’t you think?

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