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Swollen legs

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone else gets random bouts of swelling of their knees, ankles and feet? I'm trying to figure out what is causing it but I'm a bit stumped.

  1. Hi @Bri0ny, thanks for reaching out. I hope our community members chime in with their personal experiences. In the meantime, I am sending over an article from one of our advocates about her experience with leg swelling: Have you had a chance to reach out to your doctor about this? If not, I would encourage you to do so just so you know for sure what is going on. Please keep us posted on how you are feeling. We are here for you.
    Jill, Team Member

    1. Yes, almost daily. I have to raise my feet up throughout the day. If I'm on my feet more than usual, I have pain from swollen calves.

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