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Spring Cleaning: Getting Family to Help Out

Has your PsA affected your ability to stay on top of household cleaning and chores? How do you manage to stay on top of it all? Does your family help out?

If so, how in the world did you get them to agree to pitch in?

  1. I has to have surgery in mid April so hubby and I did spring cleaning shortly before that. He was a huge help, as always. Of course it took me days to recover, but happy it got done.

    1. This is several months later, but I completely understand. My house is a disaster, clutter just gets stacked everywhere. I do what I can, and we have clean pathways, but if feels like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, so very frustrating. I want my house to be clean and organized, I want my family to clean after themselves, and I'm tired of always having to throw a fit to get anything done. My hubby does help by doing the dishes and folding and putting away the clothes, but I need so much more help and can't find it anywhere.

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