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Sensitive skin areas on face or body

I've had an area on my face that has been very sensitive to touch for a while now. As well all know here there are so many random numerous symptoms that come with PSA, I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this one?

  1. Hi @beachboy thanks for your question. May I ask if you have psoriasis also because that is my first thought? More importantly have you contacted your doctor about it? Vickie W., Team Member

    1. my sensitive area moves around, it can show up on left side of face and scalp… or at times upper legs or back.

      1. , yes. For at least five years I have had a spot on my forehead that stays very sore to touch and several areas on my head. I have, at last count, seven different autoimmune disorders so it's very difficult to tell which disease is causing which symptoms. I started with inflammatory issues when I was fourteen years old. I will soon be sixty-four. I never have what I would call a good day. Good luck to you and I pray that you can get answers.

        1. I used to get really sensitive areas on my scalp, painful when I brushed my hair, before I was diagnosed with PsA. I never really developed psoriasis on my scalp though.

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