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Do hormones cause your PsA to flare?

I was diagnosed with PsA after having my second child. Severe swelling in both knees. That was 12 years ago and I was age 39. I have been on Otezla for about 10 years. Approximately 3 years ago my spine became sore to touch then I had stiffness and soreness in thoracic and cervical spine, entheses across shoulders and neck. The back of my head has psoriasis and becomes very tender and inflamed. I began taking HRT about 3 weeks ago as I am convinced there is a hormonal correlation. Has anyone else had similar?

  1. I've been on HRT since November and haven't had any (additional) psoriatic issues, but I haven't started biologics yet - first dose is on July 31. But I have wondered if there's a correlation - it did seem like my PsA symptoms got worse when I hit menopause.
    I'll be following the conversations here to see what others say. Please keep us posted on how you progress - it can take a month or two to get your HRT levels right.

    1. it's hormone replacement therapy

    2. Yes, sorry, as EvaB said, hormone replacement therapy. I take Estradiol and progesterone daily. It seems to help with moods, sleep (to some degree), and hot flashes. Not sure that it's doing much else, but for those things I find it worthwhile.

  2. I was just recently diagnosed with PsA and I'm in menopause. Never had anything like this before. I was on Otez;a but was only able to tolerate it for 5 days and then experience Lock Jaw so had to discontinue. Currently researching other options. It's a very depressing disease to have, that's for sure.

    1. Thank you so much I will read those. 😊

    2. You're welcome! If you're comfortable, please keep us posted with how you're doing. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  3. I'm starting month 3 of HRT, 2 weeks ago my PsA was much improved but it has flared up again. I've been told my only option of medication for axial PsA is biologics. I'm nervous as I teach in a large college and am susceptible to all sorts of virus and illness. I'm scared my immunity will not cope with coming into contact with various infections and I will be vulnerable. Does anyone have any comments re this with taking biologics?

    1. I'm three weeks in after my first Skyrizi loading dose - second one is next Friday, and so far, I've not had any of the side effects that Eric's had, thankfully. I'm still mad at you for telling me about those! (Kidding!)
      The psoriasis on my face is dramatically reduced and other spots are diminishing - not gone, but it's only been three weeks and it can take months to see change. I realized yesterday that I made it through a whole day of being on the road for work and my lower back didn't hurt any worse than usual this morning - normally after a full day on the road, I'm unable to move without meds the next day. Everything still hurts, but there's a slight lessening, which is cause for hope!
      The only thing I've noticed being different since starting Skyrizi is that I'm dreaming more intensely. That's not mentioned in any side effects list (as far as I know, but I studiously avoid reading those), so maybe entirely unrelated, but I've dreamt more in the past three weeks than I have all year. Last night I was investigating some crime that had been committed on a flight to Antwerp. I was arguing with airport security when I woke up. Bizarre.
      I would say talk with your doctor and consider it. You can take precautions to avoid viral issues, and medicate if you do get something, but there are limited options for treatment for PsA - and not getting treatment can cause further damage to your joints.
      If you find that you're getting sick more, you can change to a different biologic. It can take a bit to find one that works for you, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you can hopefully get some relief. Medicine has come a long way since we were younger - overall reduction of the immune system isn't the only game in town anymore.

    2. That's great! You should see greater improvement after the second loading dose.

  4. That's interesting, thank you for taking the time to reply.

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