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I want to know: what y’all think about Otezla?

My doctor prescribed it but I’m kinda scared of the side effects. Has anyone tried Otezla and how do y’all feel about it?!

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  1. Hi . Not everyone experiences side effects. You won't know until you try it. Although I am sure our great community will have answers for you please know that everyone is different and responds differently to different medication. Vickie W., Community Moderator

    1. Hi , I definitely echo everything Vickie said. Everyone's bodies react differently! You might be interested in reading some other threads though about people's experiences on Otezla, it's just important to also remember their experiences might not be the same as yours! Here's some if you're interested. Feel free to search "Otezla" on our site for even more.

      Minel ( Team Member)

      1. Hello. I have a close friend on Otezla that loves it with little side effects. He says it’s a wonder drug for him.
        For me - I just tried Otezla for the last month. I had debilitating tension headaches and diarrhea but thought I might push through those. However, my BP went extremely high and being I have Coronary Artery Disease, I had to stop taking it. Currently waiting to start Humira along with my methotrexate.
        Not everyone reacts to meds the same. Maybe you should consider it.

        1. Thanks for sharing . It is amazing that the same drug can give someone no side affects and the other person bad side affects. Hope the Humira works well for you. Vickie W., Community Moderator

      2. I started out just taking methotrexate. A few months later my rheumatologist added in Humira. I believe it was within the first month of Humira, my psoriatic arthritis skin flare ups started to go away. I’ve only had a handful of skin flare ups since then. My doctor did so add in a topical medication, clobetasol propionate which I use daily.
        Wishing you much success in reducing your symptoms.

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