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I'm new here to the forum. I was just started on Otezla for my psoriatic arthritis and the nausea is brutal!

Has anyone had good success with this med?

  1. I was just diagnosed about 4 months ago and I am taking methotrexate. It is my understanding that a lot of these meds cause some stomach issues but do go away with time. Hopefully your medication will work for you. I know it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get the full benefit from your meds.

    1. Right now, the way we attack autoimmune disorders was described by one rheumatologist in an article I read as, "Using a cannon to swat a fly."

      I don't know how many years down the road this will be but researchers are already looking into the metabolic component of diseases like RA and PsA and using that as a much more targeted means to fight them. In the future (hopefully near enough future for us all to benefit) that will mean we can switch off the PsA in a way that doesn't affect the whole immune system.

      1. Sean, I am super interested in all the new developments surrounding targeted gene therapy. I totally agree, we need more specific approaches. Biologics are a great start, but they still knock out entire arms of the immune system (i.e. the inflammation arm), and that has widespread effects. Thanks for all your comments!
        -Victoria, Community Moderator

      2. I asked my rheumatologist once about gene therapy and, while promising, she said you have to be careful because once you start unspooling genes you could start a cascade. So that could be far away. The metabolic therapies might be closer to fruition.

        But hopefully in the next 5-10 years something comes along that's better than biologics. What gives me some hope is that that my mom was on a bilologic for her RA and it sent it into complete remission. When she got off the biologic (Remicade) her RA symptoms did not come back for many years. So I'm hopeful that maybe I'll have the same response since she is my mother and all.

    2. I have had psa for 15 years. I have tried most of the treatments out there. Simponi has been most effective. I was recently on Otezla for about 6 months it controlled my mild psoriasis but didn't relieve much of my psa. It takes a while (up to 4 months) to get the full effect of otezla. It was hard on my stomach for about 2 weeks. The insomnia and the occasional headaches were intense. For what it costs I thought it would be much more effective. For now I'm sticking with Simponi. My best advice find a drug that works for you and stick with it.

      1. Having PsA for over 30 years I've experienced quite a number of treatments. I could not tolerate Otezla. I would be incapacitated for nearly 4 hours with profound nausea. I couldn't tolerate losing 8 hours of my life a day. I didn't have the chance to see if it helped ease the symptoms of my PsA because I discontinued quite soon after I began taking it.

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