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Can marijuana help?

  1. Hi ! That's a good question and I hope you get lots of responses. While you are waiting, I thought I would share a couple of articles with you. This article explores the potential uses of marijuana for PsA. This article is from one of our advocates who shares her experiences with medical marijuana. I hope this helps. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hey there! I used to be a social drinker before I was diagnosed with PsA about a year ago. I'm currently on a cocktail of Methotrexate and Enbrel injections...with the hope to soon wean off of the Methotrexate. With this disease/medication, alcohol just isn't my jam anymore. Adds to the fatigue and messes with my sleep. Recently I obtained my medical marijuana card and WOW. It's been life changing. I've been experimenting with flower, edibles and vapes. But there are soooo many great products out there...capsules, topical creams, cooking butters, etc. The vape/flower help keep my stress/anxiety levels low and also help with pain management. The edibles help me sleep at night if I'm having issues...sometimes just knowing I have it there if I need it is enough. I've heard the topical creams are great for joint pain as well. The best part hangover. So the next morning I can go out for a run or lift some weights...which has also seemed to help lessen my symptoms. Hope this helps!

      1. state (TN) still doesn't allow medical use for PsA. I'm sure we will be the last one lol. What state (if you don't mind me asking) are you in? I am seriously thinking of relocating after retiring to a state less restrictive.

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