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What do you do to manage your stress?

For many, stress can cause psoriatic arthritis to flare. What are things, both big and small, that help you manage your stress levels? Please share your experiences with us!

  1. It's well known now that stress triggers PsA. I was prescribed an antidepressant / anxiety med. My plague psoriasis is pretty much in remission scalp and nails are mild now. I also unplug from stress. I keep up with my supplements, diet, exercise.

    1. That's great, ! It's wonderful to hear that the antidepressant/anxiety med has helped keep your stress down enough that your psoriasis is pretty much in remission. As you said, stress can be a big trigger for those living with PsA. In addition to the supplements, diet, and exercise you mention, what types of things to do you enjoy doing to help unplug from stress? Wishing you a gentle day. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  2. When I am fatigued are feeling stress, the perfect thing fro me is to go out into my flower garden and weed since I find it to be very calming.

    1. , that's wonderful that you find going out to weed in your flower garden helpful when that fatigue and stress set in! Being outside is supposed to be so good for one's emotional and mental health, so I'm not surprised to hear that your garden is so calming for you. Do you have a favorite flower in your garden? Thanks so much for sharing! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  3. take a nap

    1. Hi , nice to see your name pop up again! How have you been doing lately? Naps are a good way to deal with so many of the things that are related to living with PsA. Are you usually able to nap when you need to? Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  4. It's a work in progress but I have gotten a lot more skilled at letting things go. Some things are out of my control and me fussing about them will not change the outcome. I can however nurture a positive attitude.
    My mom was an expert worrier so I was taught by the best 😀 A chronic illness is helping me un learn some of those habits.

    1. , your mom sounds like my mum! 😄 I have to say, whilst I do still struggle with stress management, having PsA has really taught me what's important, and what is and isn't worth stressing about. It's definitely a work in progress though, as you say. Thank you for sharing your experiences here, Mary Lynn. You always have such wise words to share with us all! Warmest wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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