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Long awaited first rheumatology appointment

Hi everyone, I was hoping you could perhaps give me some pointers for my first apt to see the rheumatologist next week.
I am 37 and developed psoriasis in 2016 during a breakdown with my mental health through workplace bullying. In October last year I was out walking in the lakes for my birthday. Then little did I know my life was about to change. Approx three weeks later I was in severe pain withy left hip and die to other medication I was on I was not able to take anything else other than morphine, so I was forced to be off work for two weeks pumped up on morphine due to the severity of pain I was experiencing. I have had to come off that medication now and instead take naproxen, gabapentin, amatryptiline and when required tramadol. I also receive three monthly cortisone steroid injections in my hips. I am constantly battling severe pain in my hips, left knee, pain in my joints in my ankles, wrists and sometimes fingers when I working. I have had blood tests, xrays etc but finally I am getting to see the rheumatologist after several cancelled visits next week. I am very scared that he is going to say it isn't psoriatic arthritis as I just don't know what else it could be. My scalp psoriasis gets so bad I lose clumps of hair with the plaques and it is so painful when I bend my neck it feels like my skin will cracked. The flakiness is so embarrassing 😳.
Basically I really want to make the best out of this apt next week and I wondered if any of you have any hints and tips I can use and if anyone had any 'I wish I had asked that at the beginning feeling's that you could share with me? Sorry for the long post, I just felt it was important to give my background too. Thanks in advance, nicola

  1. Hi @nicola2210, I am so glad you reached out and I am so glad to hear you have an appointment coming up. I really hope you can get the answers and relief you deserve. We have a few articles which help to get the most out of your appointment:

    Wishing you all the best. Please keep us posted, if you feel comfortable doing so. Jill, Team Member

    1. Hi
      Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. You say you were walking in the lakes, are you from the north of the UK then?

      I think a great deal depends on the doctor that you see.

      I’m near Carlisle and go to Carlisle hospital. The specialist nurses there are great.
      Unfortunately we lost our consultant as he has moved to Dumfries hospital.
      If you are somewhere near Dumfries I’m sure you can request to go to any hospital of your choice. He certainly said to me I could move and continue to see him but at the time there were too many people requesting relocation that they put a stop to it. Shows how good he is 😊
      His name was Dr Russell and he is really missed by patients and nurses alike.
      I’m sure for new patients they will allow flexibility though, if you say it’s handier for you to go to a certain hospital.

      Have you had your first appointment now?
      How did it go?

      Wishing you luck and take care

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