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Hyperfocus on Symptoms ?

Hi all, Newly diagnosed last year with PSA and currently in a pretty good flare with pain in my toes and fingers mostly and some back pain. I'm learning how to come to terms with this and also about its behavior in my body. What I have learned however is Boredom or not keeping myself busy drives me to "Hyper Focus" on a specific appendage or digit causing the pain level to be not only present but exacerbated. I find that when I am engaged in my work and my mind is focused on that my symptoms are minimal or in some cases nill. Has anyone else experienced this?

  1. Ditto! My left ankle is soft casted too frequently for my taste to bring down inflammation and pain. Being casted means staying off of my feet.
    I don't do well when I have to be still. I get cranky and focus more on what hurts.
    Being active, whether its household chores, riding my stationary bike or running errands, is good for my mental health!

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