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Hearing everyone sad stories sometimes makes me sad. So here you can talk about things that you can still do or little things you are grateful you still have. Lets talk positive and cheer each other up.

  1. I enjoy my garden. It has shrunk to a 4' aquarium and 7 raised garden beds for vegies. This morning I picked a handful of big juicy peas grown by me for the family to share. No pea tastes as good as a home-grown pea. I enjoy sitting among my vegies while soaking up the sun and watching the dogs run around and play.

    1. , I am grateful for my garden too! I appreciate having somewhere safe to walk around and get some sunshine when I'm up to it. I also love the wildlife that visit - a robin came to sit with me last month which was so special. What other veggies do you grow in your garden? Thank you for this prompt - I have been trying to work on feeling grateful and noticing the good things more.

  2. What a great idea for a forum, ! I am imagining myself in your garden, eating fresh peas and crunching on the pods in the sun. What a relaxing feeling! Thanks for sharing and thanks for starting this forum! - Lori (Team Member)

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