Clair Gardiner

Psoriatic Arthritis Community Advocate Clair GardinerA few years after being diagnosed and suffering with severe plaque psoriasis, Clair Gardiner found herself on the verge of becoming a recluse. She never wanted to leave the house as the pain and embarrassment were insurmountable. One morning, while looking at a photo of a fellow sufferer (who was never afraid to bare her skin), something inside of Claire changed. A decision was made, a warrior was born, and she is now a moderator and member of several online psoriasis groups. She is inspired to raise awareness because she knows first hand what it feels like others ostracize you for your skin and the way it looks. Knowing what it feels like to live in pain 24/7 is her drive to help people find something that works for them.No one should ever be made to feel alone, or ashamed as a result of psoriasis. Love the skin you are in!

She has spent years trying various therapies, topical ointments, and creams. She currently relies upon the African sunshine to keep everything in check, but in winter it will be back to the tubes of wonder to carry her through. Clair is a single mom of a 4-year-old, has a love for kindness, sharing ideas, and bringing people together. Passions include spending time with her daughter, reading, and being outdoors. Oh - and chocolate - she really loves chocolate!

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