Carrie Ricketts

Psoriatic Arthritis Community Advocate Carrie RickettsCarrie was previously an advocate for

Carrie Ricketts was diagnosed in 2016 with psoriatic arthritis and would currently describe her disease as mild. Upon being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, she became interested in researching the condition. However, upon doing so, she was unable to find much information about patients with mild disease activity. She found through her research of support groups and articles that most information is related to moderate to severe disease activity.

Carrie currently writes a blog called Mothersflare, which takes you through the start of her journey with psoriatic arthritis from waking up one morning with stiff hands and feet, to her relatively quick diagnosis of PsA and the feelings that have accompanied that diagnosis. Carrie wants others with mild disease to have access to information regarding their disease and how mild disease activity may be affecting them. Carrie currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her two sons, husband and her Jack Russell named Biggs.

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