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  • Hi everyone I have PSA in my tendons and currently in both achilles,knees,hip and now hamstrings and oh the pain in the hamstrings... anyway I took a cold shower after doing yard work and allowed the cold water to hit my knees and I woke up this morning with hamstring tendonitis and my gosh is it painful....anyone else have Hamstring tendonitis?

    Have you tried any complementary or alternative type therapies to help manage your symptoms? If so, which ones?

    I honestly don't even know what's going on anymore, but psoriatic arthritis checks all the boxes. I have had joint pain for a long time. It showed up first in my wrists probably 5 years ago or so. I didn't think much of it at first. Arthritis runs in my family and I pretty much just chalked it up to bad genes. I used braces and ibuprofen when I was tired of it or the pain made it difficult to do things. I had lots of other symptoms too, some of which I went to the doctor for (like unrelenting nausea which yielded gastritis and villus atrophy, but no real answers - and dizziness which was just recently diagnosed as POTS). In 2017 I gave birth to a beautiful 9lbs baby boy and things just seemed to break down one by one... and this started the insanity that is my life. A lot of things I experienced in his first year I chalked up to being postpartum, to sleep deprivation or my body adjusting to the changes to my life. The first thing that popped up was a rash, swiftly followed by joint pain (my hips at first and then my hands). I wrote off the rash (doesn't everyone get dry skin postpartum???), but the joint pain built up so quickly that I nearly lost my mind. Having taken medical classes in college I knew this was a pretty typical way for Autoimmune to pop up. The hips I never even considered till recently... My son was quite large and the docs had to get him out via C-section so I figured my hips were just upset from all the changes in pregnancy and carrying a big baby. The wrists at first was just "oh, that pain came back", but when it surpassed the pain I had experienced previously to pregnancy I started to worry. Since I had already seen a neurologist about the pain a year prior (with no answers), I asked my PCP to refer me to a rheumatologist who swiftly diagnosed me with seronegative RA (I've had a positive CRP and some osteopenia around my joints on x-rays, but RF, anti-ccp, and ANA were all strongly negative along with ESR (CRP is the only test I've had more than once out of these and it took a really nasty flare to bring it up out of the normal range (it was 15!)). The doc prescribed me Plaquenil, which did nothing but make me nauseous, and then sulfasalazine... Which helped (I now have a week or so between flares and the pain is reduced - no more hot by the bus feeling but I still feel crummy some days and run mild fever whenever I flare). Around the time I started the sulfa the rash stared to come back. It came with an awful flare and all the weird symptoms that seem to come and go in my life (nausea, GI troubles, dizziness, red hot painful swollen hands). I sent my rheumatologist a message (he's probably sick of me by now I'm sure)... and he essentially sent me back a message saying this is probably why my antibiodies were negative because it's probably psoriatic arthritis rather than RA. I looked into it... and it fits perfectly. It blew my mind because the rash isn't like clinical pictures (there's a spot on my ankle that's pretty close actually). You'd think I'd know by now that early in the disease process things don't always look like clinical pictures. Looking into the joint distribution and other symptoms and co-occurances a lightbulb went off in my head. I had never considered PsA because of my family history... but I've had "eczema" for years that comes and goes and this dry skin that just won't go away since my son was born (that on a flare goes completely erythemic (red, hot, burning) around flares of my joint symptoms... And some screwed up toenails (they're all flaking now but one is very thick, separated from the nail bed and bleeds like crazy whenever I clip it). So, once more down the rabbit hole I go. I feel completely caught off guard with all of this... But at least something's helping.

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    Hi all! I was recently diagnosed with PsA this month. 30 years old, been dealing with mystery joint pain/inflammation issues for the last 2 years. Psoriasis just made its debut on my skin in the last 6 weeks, which led to my diagnosis. Approx 2 months ago I noticed swelling in my ankles/feet. My Achilles’ tendons developed hard lumps/nodules. Basically the whole tendon is swollen and tough. Icing doesn’t help. Can anyone else relate? Remedy suggestions? I’ve been doing an elimination diet the last 2 months, been taking omega 3, turmeric, chromium, general vitamin, and NAC supplements (per internal med MD suggestion). I’m generally an active person going to the gym, but sadly put that to the side (aside from occasional yoga) to “rest” the ankles. I have been on Remicade for Colotis, but they are upping my dose from 7.5 to 10mg every 6 weeks starting at my coming treatment tomorrow. Not sure how long to expect to see improvements? HELP! Girl just wants her ankles/tendons back! Any advice welcome! Thank you.

    I had my six monthly rheumatology appointment today and was speaking to my doctor about the 5:2 diet. I've been following it for just over a month and have lost 11 lbs and have noticed some reduction in general inflammation too. I asked whether she put any stock in the claims that fasting and following a largely Mediterranean diet can aid in reducing autoimmune induced inflammation. She said there was a lot of interesting research recently and coming out looking at the role of the gut and fasting for improving autoimmune conditions. Any weight loss will also improve symptoms especially on weight baring joints. The thing that really struck me was that she told me she was on a plane home a few weeks ago and the lady next to her didn't know she was a rheumatologist. During the flight the lady was explaining how since she had gone vegan she had slowly experienced less and less symptoms of her arthritis and was now med free after being on methotrexate long term. Now, I don't personally think I could go full time vegan ever (chocolate, cornish ice cream & pasties, chicken curry need I go on?) but maybe 2 fasting vegan and alcohol-free days a week might be enough to reset the immune system? I'm going to give that a try, based on my encouraging results so far. I'm going to be trialling mixing it into my existing 5:2, cutting out most if not all red meat, increasing grain and veg alterative protein sources and generally following a Mediterranean style diet whilst making allowances for the odd bit of chocolate and wine on 'normal' 5 days. If you're stuck with me this far I'd love to know your thoughts or experience on how diet has affected your condition??

    So here's a question I have about biologics like Humira. If and when I stop taking it some day, will there be any permanent change my body? Specifically my T cells since that's what Humira manipulates in order to tamp down my immune system. I know it takes time for a biologic to completely leave your system, and the half life of different biologics are different, but once I stop taking Humira (and I hope to one day) will my T cells revert back to normal or will they be compromised in some way forever? I don't know if anyone has the answer to this but I was curious. I plan to ask my rheumatologist this question but I don't see her until July.

    When my rheumatologist put me on Humira in December it was initially for a three-month trial, which has worked spectacularly well. I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones. She'd mentioned the possibility of taking me off it after a year to see how I do. My understanding is that, if you do go off a biologic. there's a chance your body can create antibodies to it so that if you have to start taking it again it may not work as well. So while that's a concern I also very much like the idea of maybe not having to be on this drug for the rest of my life. My mother, who has RA, took Remicade for three years but then went off of it and had a good six years before her symptoms returned. I was wondering if anyone here has ever gone off their biologic? Did your symptoms return? Did it not work as well once you resumed taking it? Just curious.

    Hi all! Been lurking on this site for a while but just made the jump to full membership today. I've been on Enbrel for three weeks and in the last week and a half or so I've had some really unpleasant symptoms -- frequent headaches, extreme fatigue, and nausea, mainly. I can barely get out of bed and haven't really gotten any work done (which is problematic as I'm a mother and small business owner). I can hardly eat anything. I've googled it and looked at the enbrel website and it's hard to tell how common these are, although headaches and nausea are listed as possible side effects and fatigue could obviously just be my PsA, but I'm definitely feeling more sick than usual. Most of the time I'm able to work unless I've had a big event or had to travel, which I haven't, and right now I can barely respond to email. The other possibility is that I might be pregnant. My husband and I have been trying for about six months, but I haven't gotten a period on my own since my daughter was born two and a half years ago. I was hoping reducing my inflammation would help with this. Obviously, with no period, it's very difficult to tell when I might have ovulated and therefore when I could take a test. The ones I've taken have been negative but could easily have been too early. So my question is this: Has anyone else had these symptoms when starting enbrel? Did they resolve on their own as you became accustomed to the medication or did you have to switch? Greatly appreciate any advice or ideas!

    Have you made any changes to your diet (such as vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc.) as a way of managing your symptoms? If so, what are your favorite recipes and meals to make?

    Does this sound like a possible case of PSA to any of you? I've had upper back pain near my neck for about 10 years that I let hang around, never testing or treating it. Also know, I've trained in the gym as a bodybuilding for nearly 20 years as well and never witnessed these symptoms. Now I'm trying to understand a new onset of symptoms, with recent tests Bloodwork, MRI of entire back and neck and X-rays which show the below: -Herniated discs: C5 to C7 -4 Bulging discs lower back Received Medial Branch Blocker 2 weeks before all of these new pains began, coincidence? **Most of my bloodwork returned normal, tests performed: ** -RF: Normal -C-Reactive Protein: Normal -Sedimentation:Normal -Antinuclear Antibodies:Normal Folates: Very Low HLA B27 was positive Currently seeing: -Spine specialist -Pain Mgmt - Only for a spinal injection -GP -Neurologist: EMG test scheduled for next month -Rheumatologist: Waiting to see next month -The spine specialist I'm seeing said there could be a nerve that is impinged. So I received an epidural injection in my cervical area, no relief. I yet to understand how so many areas can hurt I have no swelling or redness or no stiffness i think... Possibly a little swelling in the fingers, very hard to tell, not enough that someone notices. My pain symptoms: -Fingers, toes, and ears feel cold frequently then will warm up -2nd and 3rd knuckles have pain intermittently -Some numbness occasionally in my fingers, not as often -Pain sometimes in the bottom of my feet intermittently -Sharp Pains on the side or front of ankles intermittently -Pain in wrists intermittently -Occasional burning inner tricep a few times, felt like a sunburn almost -Muscular twitching through body randomly, mainly leg or triceps which is fine doesn't hurt -Dull pain in knees sometimes -Back of legs ache some when sitting -Feet and back of heels hurt if standing or walking very long -Pain area constantly rotates and is hard to explain the type of pain: -Pain can be sharp shooting, ache, electric pinch pain, light ache pulses -Pain on outside of elbow for a few seconds, seems sharp? -Pain in front of ankles -Above/Top of knees All of this came on so sudden, over night... really - most of the symptoms at once Literally two weeks after i had a nerve block injection this all happened, coincidence i guess Can anyone relate or theories of what could be at the root of these pains? It's like one week I was 38 years old then abruptly 104

    Which shoes do you recommend to help ease foot pain?

    I gave CBD oil a shot, but I just didn't get any real relief and I've read that for some people a little THC is needed. So I'm looking into medical marijuana -anyone else here thinking about trying it to help with symptoms?

    Went to the pharmacy for the training. The injection stung a bit, but was totally manageable. Feeling super hopeful that it will help with the enthesitis and fatigue. Wish me luck!!

    Hi everyone im a 34 year old male on mtx and humira for my psa. Its working very well and given me my life back. Unfortunately im about to lose my insurance and my wife and i probably make just enough to disqualify me for medication assistance. Now medical marijuana has been approved in my state and i qualify for it. My question is does anyone here medicate with just marijuana? How does it work? Is the quality of life similar to being on humira or a similar biologic? Has anyone gone from humira to just marijuana? Thanks everyone

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the group. I’ve had psoriasis since I was in high school, newly diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I want to see what tips you all had for dealing with pain and fatigue. Or anything else you’d like to share with this newby. I’m pretty busy (as we all are) with the kids, work (day care teacher), church,etc. Hope you all are having a great day!

    I had to switch from a double dose of Enbrel after more than a decade of near full control of PsA symptoms after breaking and ankle and having two ligament repair surgeries. The stress from the break and surgeries caused a psoriasis flare over and around the surgical site and joint pain at the ankle that would never resolve. I tried Stelara, but it flared all my joints horrendously. I’m now trying Cosentyx. Though it hasn’t flared my joints per se, I have incessant neck pain as well as new psoriasis in places I’ve never had it before. Moreover, I have no relief in my ankle joint. I’ve also stopped menstruating, though that could be because I’m nearing menopause, but who knows. Has Cosentyx ever caused anyone to have brand new psoriasis in places they’ve never had it before????? I’m so frustrated :(

    My primary started me on 15mg Meloxicam yesterday. My pain/inflammation is a little bit better today, but I have some side effects. I'm looking at all the potential dangerous side effects, and I'm thinking I'll just go back to Advil and an anti-inflammatory diet. Anyone else used Meloxicam successfully?

    Hi all - I suspect, as does my derm that I have PsA symptoms. He referred me to a rheumy that he highly recommends, since I'm not currently having severe skin symptoms. Dr did xrays of my feet, hips, hands, lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints. She found regular degenerative arthritis in my feet and in my hips and 2 compressed discs in my lower back, which she said is basically normal for my age of 50. My feet are incredibly painful and swell throughout the day, as do my calves. My hips and low back are painful when sitting all day and when I wake up. My inflammation markers were low. She doesn't feel any of my results are indicative of PsA. To me, I feel like based on my symptoms, I do have PsA. I've got fatigue, my big toe joint is swollen and sore (she said it's a bone spur and regular arthritis). She offered an MRI on my back if I wasn't feeling better - which I'm not - but said by no means is in an emergency to get one. I'm thinking I should seek a second opinion, right?

    I'm on week 7 of methotrexate (now on 17.5 mg) and so far I'm not having any side effects that I'm aware of and it may even be helping. The last 2 nights I have had some night sweats, l don't know if that is from the drug. I also take prednisone 5 mg daily and folic acid too. My problem is I read about very serious potential side effects to keep myself aware of what to watch out for, and then I scare myself. I wonder if one of more of the other non biologics is considered the safest of all of them. Any knowledge here would be greatly appreciated!
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