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  • Do you have any tips & tricks for coping?

    A woman on Facebook recommended that we have a topic on tips and tricks for living with psoriatic arthritis. Tips could range from anything – like, how you open jars when in a flare, how you keep track of your medical info., or even batch cooking ideas.
    So, what are your tips and tricks to living with PsA?

    alternates to drugs

    has anyone tried supplements? I’ve read that Glucosmaine/Chondroitin/MSM is good for joint health and anti-inflammatory. Also, Omega 3 is good for anit-inflammatory I’ve talked to an acupunturist and she said she can help. Also talked to a holistic chiropractor that can treat Psa without meds. Curios if anyone has chosen any of these treatsments and had successful results


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    Cosentyx/Extreme Fatigue

    Has anyone using Cosentyx now or in the past experienced extreme fafatigue? I have completed my 5 week dosing load and am close to taking my next dose. I have experienced fatigue from the start. I’m talking about the kind of fatigue that is so bad I can’t even wake up enough to get a drink of water from my bedside table when I know I am feeling really thirsty. I can’t get anything accomplished. I’m feeling frustrated because this is my 4th biologic. I can’t afford to be this tired every single day. This is not a side effect listed so I just wanted to know how many other people if any have experienced this with cosentyx?

    PsA without psoriasis…

    For years I suffered with this crazy pain… misdiagnosed several times by various doctors…. ended up just dealing with it on my own until i had the worst flare up I have ever experienced. I couldn’t walk, all I wanted to do was sleep, I couldn’t eat and the only thing I could do was cry. Long story short, I contacted a Rheumatologist that I had previously seen – ended up seeing his associate as he was nearing retirement – but this doctor is awesome! Anyways, he spent a lot of time with me (and my husband) going over everything and promised me that within a week he would have some type of answer for me. And once we had an answer we could work on a solution. Well, he had an answer and although I do not have, nor have I ever had, psoriasis, i do have PsA. Once he came up with a care plan (I use Humira) I have been able to live agAin.

    Anyways , I do have flare ups and all that but I’m concerned with the affect this is possibly having on eyes. I can’t seem to find anything that describes the affects on the eyes other than a statement saying that it can occur. For about 5 or 6 years now, my eyes are constantly red and burning and itchy. On any given day, by the time evening rolls around I feel like I am trying to look through cotton balls… everything gets kind of blurry. Is this normal?? Is this something that will progress into other issues?? I’m open to suggestions !

    Thanks so much!

    looking to share my story and gain opinions from other sufferers


    My name is Katie – I’m a 32 year old working mother of 2 young kids. I’ve had psoriasis since I was about 12 and psoriatic arthritis symptoms worsening probably over the last 5 years but only diagnosed 2 months ago.
    I recently tried methotrexate as per the rheumatologist (10mg per week then up to 20mg) and I found the side effects dreadful (nausea, increase abdo pain and bloating, fatigue)and leaving me unable to do what I needed for my family. I stopped it and was told to wait until my next appointment 2 months away.
    I’ve tried removing all refined carbs from my diet which moderately helped with inflammation.
    Does anyone here have experience with a paleo or keto diet and it helping?

    Also I’m quiet nervous about being offered a new medication next visit as I really hated methotrexate that much.. I can’t decide if the affected joint pain is swelling is better to live with or trying a biologic or something else.. I’m on my 3rd new joint flare up of the last year. How do you all decide what to try and what to suggest to your doctors??

    Thanks 🙂

    Back pain

    Hey everyone !

    I have been on Humira for two months now , how awful are these shots probably the most pain I’ve had !
    Does any one have exstreme back pain from this condition? I was diagnosed 6 months ago with psa and have recently had chronic back pain for the last 8 weeks and I’m begging to lose it a bit it’s awful!

    Can someone tell me if these symptoms are normal

    Hi Everyone,

    I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis a few years ago..I have had psoriasis since I was young and had swollen joints for years but I guess it took them time to connect the two. I’ve had some symptoms my whole life which I am not sure are common to it.

    I get the common stuff like swollen joints but I also sometimes feel exhausted and like I have a flu and my skin hurts and every joint just feels like its been beaten down. I guess like what people call a flare up.

    Right now my forearm by the elbow joint feels like it’s on fire and even when I touch the skin on my forearm it’s sensitive almost like it’s burned… interestingly enough I don’t have psoriasis in that specific area. The muscle is also sore or the tendon I don’t know. It’s very weird. The whore area is just super sensitive and hurting.

    Are these symptoms totally uncommon?

    Thank you for the help.



    Hi! I’m new

    I have both plaques and PSA. The PSA is more recent than the plaques and is progressing rapidly. I am in the process of starting Humira, which has been an adventure in itself. Looking forward to meeting new friends that understand what I’m going through.

    Starting Humira

    I started Humira yesterday for PsA and psoriasis. Today I feel very tired. Is that normal? I haven’t noticed any other side effects…what are some that other people have experienced?


    So I know on occasion we’ve discussed on here treatments aside from medicines. One thing I’ve been doing for two weeks now is fasting.

    There was a study done by MIT that found that a 24 hour fast can regenerate stem cells. Apparently when your body starts burning fatty acids instead of carbs a metabolic pathway is opened that can reverse age phenotypes. At least in mice. You can read about the study here …

    I started with intermittent fasting (16 hours) and worked my way up to trying a 24-hour fast two weeks ago and another this week. Whether its helping me regenerate my stem cells I can’t say but it IS helping me lose weight, which has been a struggle since I started Humira. Apparently weight gain is one of Humira’s side effects.

    Anyway, it’s just some science I thought you all might be interested in. With more and more evidence pointing to gut bacteria being linked to autoimmune disorders, there may be something to fasting being a big help to people with our condition.

    Cannabis and/or Humira

    Hi everyone im a 34 year old male on mtx and humira for my psa. Its working very well and given me my life back. Unfortunately im about to lose my insurance and my wife and i probably make just enough to disqualify me for medication assistance. Now medical marijuana has been approved in my state and i qualify for it. My question is does anyone here medicate with just marijuana? How does it work? Is the quality of life similar to being on humira or a similar biologic? Has anyone gone from humira to just marijuana? Thanks everyone

    Newbie – long waiting time for Rhumatologist

    Hi I am jus new to this. I went to the doctors a few months back as I was having back pain that was waking me in the night and I was stiff in the mornings. I also had scaly patches on my scalp which the doctor said was psoriasis and asked me to get my bloods checked. A few weeks later I was called in as they found inflammation in my blood. The doctor referred me to a rheumatologist as it might be psa, she said the waiting time was unpredictable. I went back today as I am still experiencing this back pain. I asked a different doctor the waiting time and he said the standard waiting time at the minute is 98 weeks!! Has anyone else had to wait this long?
    I have read psa can be trigger by strep throat? I had tonsillitis before the back pain and a week later pain in my ribs that lasted for about 10 weeks. Has anyone else experienced rib pain? Would this be related?

    Remicade Question

    If anyone has any experience on Remicade, please weigh in if you can? Link to question:


    Methotrexate ?????

    I am scared as hell to start methotrexate. I hear so many mixed reviews. My doctor wants me to start after Thanksgiving. Anyone out there have any suggestions, information, or experiences that can help me decide if this is the right thing for me? If you lose your hair is it permanent? The med itself causes extreme fatigue…. isn’t that what it is supposed to fix? It’s crazy to think about taking a medication that will knock you on your ass. Do these and other side effects that may arise go away as your body gets used to the medication? Please anyone out there have any information?

    Sudden knee pain

    All of a sudden I am experiencing bad knee pain, I just left a job where I stood on my feet. I tried the job for 30 days but it was a no go. It’s been almost a week now and they still hurt all around the knee and below. Had a X-ray and it showed mild osteoarthritis. Anybody experience similar, this is bad pain with sharp pain sometimes? Thanks

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