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  • Cosentyx/Extreme Fatigue

    Has anyone using Cosentyx now or in the past experienced extreme fafatigue? I have completed my 5 week dosing load and am close to taking my next dose. I have experienced fatigue from the start. I’m talking about the kind of fatigue that is so bad I can’t even wake up enough to get a drink of water from my bedside table when I know I am feeling really thirsty. I can’t get anything accomplished. I’m feeling frustrated because this is my 4th biologic. I can’t afford to be this tired every single day. This is not a side effect listed so I just wanted to know how many other people if any have experienced this with cosentyx?

    Start humira in between flares?

    Hi all. After about 6-8 months on methotrexate & sulfasalazine, I have continued to struggle enthesitis and fatigue (though some improvement in finger joint pain & swelling!). From August to December, I had three pretty significant flares that left me exhausted. My rheumatologist put the wheels in motion for humira (getting insurance approval, etc) and it looks like I could start as early as next week.

    The only problem? I’ve been feeling better this last month – relief from flares, just a bit of soreness here & there, etc. I was only diagnosed a bit over a year ago, so don’t have a great sense yet of how long I can go between flares. I guess I’m just looking for some input from others about your experiences with humira, whether you’ve ever started a new med when you’re not in a flare (in hopes of preventing more flares!), etc.

    Would love to hear people’s thoughts and experiences.

    Thanks! And Happy New Year!

    Anyone else experienced one swollen lower limb?

    Hi all – am new here so forgive me if I’m not following etiquette.
    Having been diagnosed with PsA in just my left knee I had a radio synovectomy – doesn’t seem to have worked. I broke my elbow in an accident and now that’s swelling up to and I’ve lost full movement. After a short flight two months ago my ankles swelled up, one went down the other is still swollen and has joint pain. Now the whole of my lower leg (knee to ankle) is swollen and gets very painful all over – kind of like cramp.
    I’m taking 1000mg to 1500mg naproxen plus paracetamol and codeine at night for the pain. Pain varies from manageable and stiff to excruciating. I’ve done lots of internet trawling but can’t find any info on swelling of limbs other than in joints.
    My next hospital appointment is end of Jan – just wondering if this is normal or I should make a fuss and contact the hospital?
    Anyone out there had this or heard of it???
    Thank you 😀

    LDN Low Dose Naltrexone?

    LDN has a direct effect on TNF Tumor Necrosis Factor. I had a doctor try me on it to reduce inflammation and pain. It worked great, but he wasn’t familiar with it enough to be comfortable with it longer term. I’m so disappointed, because it helped me. I’m now in an active flare of achilles tendonitis so painful I can barely walk. Would love to find a different doctor to be open minded or educated enough to prescribe me LDN. The rheumatologists in my area only seem to support the pricier DMARDS and biologics.

    Pain in chest. Inflamed Tendons??

    I just started having problems with chest pain…it feels like my chest has gotten crushed by something…
    Best way to explain it.
    Its not a sharp pain it’s a heaviness ..
    As if like I said I have been crushed by something.
    I read that people with psoriatic arthritis might get inflamed tendons and one area would be the chest.
    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?
    I’m only 34 so it’s not heart related and it is not the same symptoms.
    Thanks in advance !!!
    Kinda frustrating. Very sore in the morning…

    New here. Excited I’m not alone.

    Hello. I’m really excited I found this site and these forums. I’ve read some great articles on the site. I live alone and just moved across Texas for a new job, so all of my support system and family are a several hours away. I got diagnosed a couple of months after the move and it’s been a rough five months. No one quite understands what I’m dealing with and my family and friends aren’t around to see it, and it’s not an easy task to explain all of the minutia of PsA. So I’m glad to have this group!

    Humira and flares

    Hi all, I am new to this PsA forum but it looks like a wonderful community of supportive people 🙂 I was diagnosed a few years back with PsA, specifically enthisitis. Thus far it has only impacted my ankles/feet, but each flare has left me immobile for days as you can’t bear any weight on the impacted joint.

    I started my journey with Methotrexate but but liver was not a fan and I always had high ALT’s so after not being able to sustain a dosage that would keep my flares away my Rheumy moved me to Humira in April of 2017. Since that time I have been flare free which has been nice (well expect for the sinus infections I seem to get from the Humira). However; about a week and a half ago I started I woke up to tenderness and mild pain under the ball of my foot, I started getting nervous that perhaps a flare was about to occur. I used ice/heat and advil for a few days and kept off of it as much as possible and things seemed to be getting better.

    Then… I woke up this past Saturday with terrible pain and a full on flare. I started Prednisone right away Saturday and spent the next few days in bed. Its doing much better today and as chance would have it I am seeing my rheumy tomorrow for my annual humira labs and checkup.

    What I a wondering is it still possible to have flares like this while on Humira or is a sign that its starting to lose its effectiveness? I remember just a couple of years ago how painful and debilitating things were and I am frankly scared to go back that direction as its is just physically and emotionally draining. I am trying to figure out how to approach this most recent flare with my rheumy tomorrow; if he want’s me to stay the course with the humira or should I request to move to a new biologic?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice you might have.

    What kinds of things do you avoid doing?

    What are some things that you avoid doing every day?

    For example, do you avoid going up the stairs to get something because you’re too fatigued or know it will just make your pain worse? Do you wait to go upstairs until you have more than one thing to grab?


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    Does dactylitis ever go away?

    Hi all. I’m new here. I just got diagnosed on December 7th. I think the reason it took so long is that I had had 6 different stress fractures in my feet over the last year and so my swollen toes were put down to bone marrow edema and stress reaction. I saw 5 different doctors (podiatrist, general practitioner, ortho surgeon, naturopathic doc, and finally a rheumatologist after my left wrist started aching). Three of my toes, including one that has never been fractured, are still fairly sausage-y. These toes are my main symptoms other than persistent plaques, and a general ache and fatigue upon occasion. The rheumatologist wants me to start methotrexate; I’m not too keen on the idea. I’ve intensely restricted my diet and started taking vitamins (multi, B, D, calcium, fish oil, folate as methylfolate), drinking turmeric tea, bone broth, and apple cider vinegar (with honey, cinnamon, hot water), and indulging in regular epsom salt baths. Although all of this has helped decrease the swelling a bit, and I know 3 or 4 weeks is not a super long time, my toes still don’t show the kind of progress I would like. So, question: has your dactylitis ever completely gone away? How long did it take? What did you do to manage it? Thanks so much for the support!


    alternates to drugs

    has anyone tried supplements? I’ve read that Glucosmaine/Chondroitin/MSM is good for joint health and anti-inflammatory. Also, Omega 3 is good for anit-inflammatory I’ve talked to an acupunturist and she said she can help. Also talked to a holistic chiropractor that can treat Psa without meds. Curios if anyone has chosen any of these treatsments and had successful results


    Some of us use different ointment to ease the pain that we feel but i only use this bcoz i know that marijuana gives a lot of benefits including my arthritis, ive been suffering from this for almost a month now and i take my friends advice to try mj as a medicine and it works for me. Maybe it will work for you too…

    Methotrexate ?????

    I am scared as hell to start methotrexate. I hear so many mixed reviews. My doctor wants me to start after Thanksgiving. Anyone out there have any suggestions, information, or experiences that can help me decide if this is the right thing for me? If you lose your hair is it permanent? The med itself causes extreme fatigue…. isn’t that what it is supposed to fix? It’s crazy to think about taking a medication that will knock you on your ass. Do these and other side effects that may arise go away as your body gets used to the medication? Please anyone out there have any information?

    Feeling worse after Medrol-depo

    Hi everyone,
    I’m currently taking Sulfasalazine and arcoxia. After my diagnosis in July, I had a shot of methylprednisolone 120mg. I felt great for a few weeks afterwards.
    I had another on Thursday as I’m having a flare. Two days on I feel worse.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    Let's Talk Lymph Nodes

    I’ve read that autoimmune disorders like RA and Lupus can cause lymph nodes to well. Is this also true for PsA?

    I ask because I have lymph nodes on my neck that swell up for 1-3 days then go away. Then swell up again (usually in a different place) and then go away. Because they don’t STAY swollen my doctors have not been concerned but I still am a little. This has been happening for about a year now.

    I had the place on my neck where this is happening CT scanned and nothing bad was found. Also my blood work is good. So I was wondering if this is simply one more effect of the PsA?

    Dealing with the holidays

    I’m dreading Thanksgiving tomorrow because I’ve had a really bad pain week. Any suggestions on how I can bow out of dinner gracefully if I need to?


    It’s quiet around here. Checking in. Hope everyone is feeling their best today 🙂

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