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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Psoriatic Arthritis?

There are over 100 arthritis afflictions, illnesses, and autoimmune diseases. However, unless we identify with Lupus or Lyme Disease people don’t see our disease as serious. At least that is how I perceive it.

PSA, it is an awful disease to have but do we say that? Usually no. We may run into an acquaintance and as soon as they see the cane – if you are lucky to have a mobility aid, the kind, concerning question, “What happened?” No one really wants the whole low down, that’s okay, it’s understandable. I may say, “Oh a little bit of this and a little bit of that, some joint issues.” Who is going to say — “Well, I have psoriatic arthritis”? There is no cure, it is really painful, not to mention stress-filled. I hardly leave my home and the weather rules my life. Not me.

The doctors are not sure how to treat it. It is trial and error with the latest and greatest medications. There are the plaques that can form on our skin so we can look like a leper and the back is usually affected too, with very painful episodes. Any joint at any time can become inflamed. Plus, there is the inflammation on the inside of our body too that can be compromised, that we have no idea what havoc is going on.

I don’t think there is enough awareness of this disease, it is 24/7. Unfortunately, many think if we change our diets, do yoga or go running we will be cured. Sometimes, very few of us will reach that goal. Not many are informed that this usually started in our gut and it is not easy to go into remission. What disease is easy to eradicate? There needs to be more emphasis on how this disease became so popular with the masses. It’s an epidemic of sorts. How long did you wait to see your rheumatologist at first?

Our lives are changed forever. Shopping, traveling, going to church, going to dinner — these are not easy or fun anymore. Being in constant pain, having a rash or plaques all over or being so tired from it all, it is exhausting. Just taking a shower is hard. It used to be such a good feeling to get in the shower and feel the water. Now, Lord, it is dreaded…everything hurts, it is difficult and it shouldn’t be. This part of this autoimmune disease is not discussed. I feel it is not discussed or covered in the news and magazines enough. Only groups here and there, articles every so often and a few famous individuals come forward. I guess because it is so painful and draining.

I think if there was more awareness of PSA or RA, well, then maybe our friends and family would understand just how hard our lives have become and that most likely will be challenging from here on out. Maybe too a cure or more concrete answers would come to be.

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  • ddavey
    8 months ago

    This article is so very true people don’t understand what Psoriasis Arthritis is as soon as they hear the arthritis part they just say everybody has that when you get older. They don’t understand the pain that we are going through and unfortunately I don’t believe they ever will.

  • AuntJana author
    9 months ago

    Yes, I’m afraid that is the case. PSA is full of so many different variables, unfortunately for those of us that suffer with it. Having PSA is like a snowflake, none of us are alike in our symptoms.

  • VickiN moderator
    9 months ago

    @auntjana, I think a lot of other autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis are much more recognizable for sure!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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