Twenty years old and my first time using Humira

Hello all,

I just recently turned 20 years old, and I want to share my story. Its been a horrible past year as I realized that my psoriasis not only affected my skin but my joints as well. I had to quit climbing, going to the gym, and was about ready to give up on everything I loved. I have always been pretty scared to take medicine in general and reading the scary stories on the web never helped. I took Humira for the first time last week as I realized eventually I will just have insanely damaged joints since I am so young that I might as well go for it. Its been a full week now and I wanted to say how great this medicine is.
First off, I didn’t even feel the shot and thought the doctor was joking when he said it was done. I’ll admit I did jump a little because of the build-up anxiety to getting that done with. So no pain with the shot. That night I had some anxious feelings realizing there is no turning back and I just injected some crazy medicine into my body, but it ended up passing and I was alright. That night the only difference I felt was I felt a little energetic and wanted to constantly move my feet and fingers around and kind of felt like after a coffee. I woke up the next morning with extremely little pain, I don’t know how it worked so fast but I was literally 90 percent better than when I first had the shot.
So story short, it’s been a week, pain levels have gone down so significantly its a miracle, and the shot doesn’t hurt. I’m young af and you gotta realize, even though it seems like a crazy thing to do so young, the actual PsA that is affecting your joints will take a giant toll on you in the long run mentally and physically, so care for your self and no matter what try the medicine.

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