How Tips, Tools & Technology Can Make PsA Life Easier

While life with PsA is challenging, every day there are new tools and technological advances that help make life a little more manageable. There are many options available - from assistive devices, mobility aids, and even phone apps. But making the decision to use tools and technology and finding the right one for you can be difficult.


Do you use a mobility aid?

How do you choose an assistive device or mobility aid?
If you've decided you'd like to use an assistive device or mobility aid but aren't sure where to begin, get an answer from someone who knows. If you currently use one, help out another member!
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What made you decide to get an assistive device or mobility aid? Or, if you aren't using one, what is holding you back?
Assistive Devices and Mobility Aids
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Tell us the moment you realized you needed to invest in an assistive device or mobility aid. Was it a difficult experience? Do you wish you had gotten one sooner?
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