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The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets and Health

Did you know that February 20th, 2017 is Love Your Pet Day? To celebrate, this month we’re chatting about the positive benefits of pet ownership on health and asking the community to talk about their own pets. For those who aren’t pet owners, we’ll have info on what you should consider when getting a pet and on the benefits of animal therapy.

How Pets Impact Our Health

Unfortunately, psoriatic arthritis can put you at risk for developing other types of health conditions – such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. According to the CDC, pets can help to improve overall health positive impact on health. In addition to lowering blood pressure, being a pet parent can improve your mood! Here’s a few different ways you can participate in this month’s Spotlight:

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Pets and health
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Pets and health
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Pets and Health
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