Spotlight: Nutrition and Health

Spotlight: Nutrition and Health

In this month's Spotlight, we're celebrating National Nutrition Month® by discussing the importance of making informed food choices. Do you think your diet impacts your symptoms? While research has not identified a direct link between diet and psoriatic arthritis, eating a healthy, balanced diet can benefit overall well-being and reduce some of the risks associated with PsA, including heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
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Nutrition and Health
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Gluten Free and Never Going Back
Submitted by Rjones
But while I’ve always eating healthfully (I’m a vegetarian) I recently decided to try going gluten free. My younger sister went gluten free and found that she had a lot more energy and just felt better overall. So, I thought why not I’ll try it...

Have you tried any special diets, such as paleo or gluten free, to manage your psoriatic arthritis? Tell us about it!

Nutrition and Health

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